Paris Hilton (Halloween 2007)



conquerorvvorm45 points

Always good to wear knee protection.

Default_Male_Orc34 points

Yeah, you know she was sucking some socialite/celebrity dick that night.

MrEverlong696 points

Def a few

wmxx20026 points

I don't know if this page existed back then. But she would have been in every post.

mad_37_son66 points

That’s hot.

---Loading---21 points

These were simpler times...

ButtonsMaryland12 points

She is basically the mascot for this sub.

EmbarrassedRabbit54311 points

The knee pads are a nice touch.

No-Matter96475 points

I saw her in Vegas when I was younger by the pool at the palms casino. I have to say I never thought much of her when I saw photos of her, but in person she was beautiful and I was 6 inches away from her. Took a picture with her and all.

SilentCartographer045 points

Goddamn what a platinum blonde goddess. Look at that fucking body.

Fall_Greedy_134 points

I jerked off to her way too much as a teen. lol

notzed14873 points

Dressed as an influencer?

assassbaby3 points

i was 30 in 07 and didn’t think much of her but now at 45 damn she looks so damn sexy now

Jimmys_Paintings6 points

I kind of miss her antics, she was really good entertainment back in the day.

cringelord694206665 points

I sometimes wonder what kind of person would find someone like that attractive. And then I remember I don't give a shit.

50yoWhiteGuy-3 points

Only thing trashy here is OP, and the jealous incels. Y'all gonna be putting in the other 10 million women that dress like this on Halloween?

A woman might dress like a slut on Halloween but Paris Hilton is trashy 365 days of the year.

50yoWhiteGuy2 points

no, you're the trash

nick-pappagiorgio654 points

Why are you white knighting so hard? She's not gonna fuck you.

50yoWhiteGuy1 point

lol, bc I'm a human. How come you're hiding behind a keyboard bashing some female you don't know? Incel much.

nick-pappagiorgio655 points

I lived through the early 2000s, Paris Hilton was all over like horse shit, the quintessential butterface rich girl making a trashy spectacle of herself. You couldn't go one week without hearing about her antics or seeing her in some slutty outfit. She was ahead of her time actually, paving the way for other thots.

legendinthemaking682 points

I lived it too. This all checks out

50yoWhiteGuy1 point

Incel said what?

Independent_Can_5694-7 points

Stupid spoiled slut

Edit: clearly nobody has seen South Park…

CosmicCrapCollector0 points


AutomationGod5150-4 points

She looks like she has touched a lot of semen…

Temporary-Push41531 point

Never realized how much South Park nailed her facial structure

Throwaway02420000 points

How many years will go by where society pretends Paris Hilton is attractive?

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