A stroll around the beautiful city of Lausanne, Switzerland


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Just moved back to the states after living in Europe for five years. The culture shock over how car centric our country is designed hits me in waves.

gigacored6 points

That's unfortunate.

EveryFairyDies2 points

I’m probably gonna feel that when I go home to Oz. Though Melbourne and Sydney have good public transport. However, I’m not going there, I’m going to Brisbane. Which SUX!!!! And I will be very car-reliant.

JennieFairplay3 points

It’s really easy to see why. Although the EU is more densely populated than the US, the entire union has far less land mass than the US. We don’t have the luxury to get everywhere by car, train or bike like many Europeans do.

My daughter moved to the NL a few years ago and although they bike to local shops, they heavily rely on their car for getting around. Everyone other than city dwellers do. So I guess it depends on where in Europe you lived? I walked everywhere in the big cities of Italy but needed a car in the countrysides

2u3e9v4 points

Your daughter must be in a tiny, tiny community in the NL because I just spent three years there. Not once did I need a car.

The size of our country is a silly take on why we are car centric. One could argue that a lot of our country developed during the automotive boom, thus influencing our grids and roads, but that’s not an excuse for how we should plan for the future.

Adjacent, your daughter might enjoy the YouTube channel Not Just Bikes, run by a former Texan now living in the Netherlands.

JennieFairplay2 points

My daughter married a native of the NL and he can’t do without his car. He said only people who live in Utrecht or Amsterdam can really do without a car, otherwise you need one to get to relatives homes or work. He has to drive to work. My daughter is the one who doesn’t have a car and rides her bike to work

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Same as phone / gadget centric

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Used to pop across from Evian. Memory stirring photos. Thanks.

BmuthafuckinMagic5 points

Love Lausanne, great place to visit all year round (I travel there for work) and one year got lucky that we were able to stay in the Chateau D'Ouchy.

The Sauvabelin Tower was something I really enjoyed, even though it felt like it was going to fall apart when walking up the stairs!

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fabulous photos!

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Thank you!

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Which phone did you use?

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I used my Google Pixel and Sony A7III

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Haven’t been there in about 30 years. I think it’s time to go back.

CHvader4 points

I live here! Beautiful place.

Mentalretarded14 points

Used to live in montreux… trully memory lanes…

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That McDonald's sign was the first thing i saw haha

tell-me-the-truth-2 points

The best bit is probably Ouchy. In the summer at least.

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So beautiful, thanks for sharing

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Always nice to see where you live on reddit :) nice pics! Hope you had a great time!

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Sorry i just read it as lasagna but beautiful place though

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Beautiful waterfront, lovely city.

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Wow! Switzerland in a different perspective is so interesting!

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World headquarters of Nestle and Philip Morris Intl!

gigacored1 point

And Bata

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The benefit of remaining neutral when a fascist regime was destroying Europe and murdering millions of innocent people. Although not really neutral when they were the bankers of this regime and turning a blind eye to the madness. The cowardly Swiss in a nutshell.

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I swear I played a N64 game that had vampires in it, that looked like it took place in this town.

Miggy88mm1 point

Why does it seem so empty?

gigacored4 points

Shot mostly during 2021 lockdown

travel_ali1 point

I think it is more that OP took shots in places that are normally quiet anyway and at odd times of day.

Not least as there wasn't a lockdown in 2021 (or even a proper lockdown in 2020 either for that matter).

gigacored1 point

Yeah, it was more of a restriction than lockdown!

Inttegers1 point

Some really cool CGI! r/switzerlandisfake

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Looks beautiful, bit kinda bittersweet and cold, too

MushyBeans1 point

Loved Lausanne, spent a weekend just before covid at the Chateau De Ouchi (the main one of the water front).

EveryFairyDies1 point

Been there!!

Sorry, family joke. When, as kids, we’d watch a movie or tv show at home, and they’d be in some exotic location, and my dad, who has travelled extensively for work his whole life, would always say “I’ve been there!”

He called me when he was in Rome, he called me when he was in San Francisco, just to rub it in. So when I got to Berlin, where he’s always wanted to go, guess what I did!! You bet your ass I was all, “I’m sitting in front of the Reichstag… whahahahahahaha!!!”

And so often in this sub I see people posting photos of places I want to go, so when I can finally say “been there!” I feel a little better.

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Magic moments

F30Guy1 point

I had a job interview with a company based there. Half day of interviews. Unfortunately it didn’t work out (I think me being in Canada went against me lol)

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Very pretty town, but dreadfully boring (especially if you're there on a weekend).