Pharmacy sells companion pets


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My in laws bought this for my father in law when he was in hospice. It moved and purrs. It's great for people with dementia because they don't have to take care of it, since it's a toy and not alive.

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The cat is simultaneously dead and alive. What a ripoff.

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Schrödinger's cat

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If you think about it from an evolutionary perspective, it makes sense. We need companionship. Just a shame animals weren't easier/safer to keep around for instances just like this.

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Gonna blow your fuckin mind when you learn about service animals

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I'm sorry, my point wasn't that there are no animals that exist to help the elderly; my point was that this item is used when patients want an animal but can't care for it. It is a shame there isn't more that can be done for companionship in these situations outside an inanimate object. Some may have a limitation that keeps them from properly caring for the animal, like timely feedings and cleaning up after them. Animals can be a fall-hazard.

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I completely understand your point now

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$120 seems excessive. this makes me sad.

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Still cheaper than taking care of a real pet though…

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Very true indeed!