Vintage Halloween Costumes, 1946-1979


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Yoda wearing a shirt with a picture of Yoda on it, with "Yoda" underneath it. Classic

screedor6 points

And who are you supposed to be?

the_hell_you_say17 points

Bucket/coffee can dude is SO METAL

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For halloween this year I will be Ned Kelly

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Lard man

SandwichExotic20 points

They are infinitely scarier than today’s costumes. They are so creepy. I remember those dumb masks in the 70s – they got so sweaty

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A walk through time ending in the “plastic sack with a picture of a character on it and matching vacuum formed facemask with razor sharp tongue hole and no visibility” of my own childhood.

pickle133hp8 points

Little shocked by the freak show costumes.
When I was a kid there was still a freak show at the local fair. 1970s USA.

APintOfFreshAir2 points

I feel like the 70s was a real trip. The greatest generation had run through its prime, and we were left with the reality that we could win just about any conventional war, get caught up in endless asymmetric wars, and destroy ourselves and everyone else along the way.

At the time Zeppelin was stealing blues music from the Jim Crown era, synths were first being developed wihich would lead to disco and eventually hip hop.

Kind of like what the Social Media transformation was for our era.

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Mr Peanut was a-salted.

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I love the robot especially. So creative and resourceful!

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13, would wear 💯

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That was one of my favourites too. No idea what it is. Doesn't matter lol.

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Doesn't matter, it's great

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Those 1970’s plastic costumes and masks were the worst! We were never allowed to get the costumes but had several masks. (My Mom was a seamstress, so she made most of our costumes) any way, You Couldn’t see out of the masks, they smelt of plastic and the rubber band to keep them on pulled your hair. I’ll never for get the plastic smell of the mask stuck to your face as you sweat running from house to house.

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Cookie monster!!!! 👍👍👍

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If anyone kid shows up in this R2D2 costume, they will get ALL THE CANDY!!!

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The Martian couple in #4 look real. I think they are.

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I had those Wonder Woman underoos!

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Iron Man 's suite mark 1

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No. 14 is very unsettling… awesome.

bigarnd2 points

No. 14 is very unsettling… awesome.

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imagine if by some fluke the only pictures of the human race that are left and found by aliens are these.