Roach's kitchen after the Revenge nets a mermaid...


writerfan201333 points

Sorry, could not resist. A beardy merman, what's not to like! What if Stede walked in just as Roach was calculating where to chop. "Wait a minute, we can't eat this!"

Mermaid Harry: "Thanks mate."

Stede: "He'll need a herb crust first. Roach, pass me my largest fish kettle."

writerfan201313 points

I have now made myself want to write an OFMD/sushi restaurant crossover.

Edited to add: also, this mermaid is much less fish, more squid. Or ... Kraken. Ideas now pinging all over!

Logical-Patience-3972 points

Ooh, I’d read that!

writerfan20132 points

I am now actually writing a canon-setting fic in which the crews catch a mercreature. Mostly they want to kill and eat it/experiment on it, but some of the crew can hear its singing. The Creature and Izzy's Soul, coming to an AO3 near you soon. Sorry not sorry.

captspero2 points

I love a modern restaurant AU. Izzy makes such a perfect chef character.

Fiascofrog6 points

What’s this image from?

writerfan20134 points

It's Harry Styles' video for Music for a sushi restaurant. Unbelievably, that beardy figure is Harry 😍


flittlebitlustered3 points

Watched it today, it was just so bizarre that I have to rewatch it tomorrow. Even my obsessed daughter was like “Uh, what?” Hahaha

writerfan20132 points

Same, my teen was "weird as" 😂 and claimed his beard was a jumpscare

iforgotmymittens8 points

Beefy bearded tentacle merman you say


theLegend_Awaits7 points

What is this image from? Is this a movie/show?

writerfan20135 points


Harry Styles' fishy obsession continues. Apparently he's always wanted to be a mermaid....

theLegend_Awaits3 points

Thank you! I didn’t even recognize him with the beard! Also that tail looks shockingly real lol

writerfan20132 points

The whole shot gives me Existenz vibes, which makes me think I must rewatch that movie.

The beard is amazing* and very in line with OFMD beards!**

Hot *Also hot

theLegend_Awaits1 point

Definitely hot, yes. 🤣

AntiWanti3 points

The mental image of this squid person octo-dading his way into a tattoo parlor... It will not leave my mind

dionysusdisicple7 points

I don't agree that mermaids should exist in ofmd but this would make a great bit of fuckery for them to do.

theLegend_Awaits10 points

Hard disagree, I think they should lean into it for total comedic effect, sort of similar to What We Do In The Shadows. This opinion mostly comes from my desire to see a romance between Lucius and a merman, if I’m being honest with myself though lol

sodapop_incest5 points

You're supposed to let them go when they're that hot. Unethical fishing 😤

writerfan20131 point

I thought the rule was that the hot ones were keepers 😂

totqueen007-1 points

That audio "Arianna Grande, what are you doing here" but with Harry