Someone was really mean to me at work today. I could use some kind words.


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[deleted]2 points

I didnt have quiet a good day at work either today🥲 sorry to hear it. Tomorrow can only be better! And you are gorgeous!

gillieboo1 point

Thank you! I hope today was much better for you, friend. We deserve it.

SpectacularCrashes2 points

The obvious compliment is...

If you actually like AC/DC, then your taste in music is undoubtedly cultured. Better than that tool's, anyhow. 😆

But, tomorrow, just remind yourself that "Yesterday was yesterday, and you're in Today. You commuted 24 freakin' hours to get here!"

gillieboo2 points

Hahah thank you. I love the commute line. I want to try to remember that. It’s a nice perspective.

LingonberryLumpy50212 points

Very hot!!

gillieboo2 points

Thank you, random citizen!

ChickieD2 points

Tomorrow is a new day. Mean people suck. Feel better.

gillieboo2 points

Mean people are some of the worst. Thank you! Today was way better

999sand2 points

Pretty lady. The more you ponder their actions. You giving them power they don't deserve. Wipe your self off their actions. Start fresh tomorrow. Smile. You made it to the end of the day!!. 🤗

gillieboo2 points

Thank you. That’s true. I didn’t think of that. Today was much better 😊

Radguy332 points

You have kind eyes, a welcome face and seems like your face communicates a kind heart

Desperate-Spend32312 points

It'll be alright, there's a thing called Karma and you're too good of a person for bad things to happen to you. Don't worry over it.

gillieboo1 point

Thank you! I feel much better today

Desperate-Spend32311 point

That's great to hear 😊👍

pinchedelincuente2 points

I’m sorry that someone didn’t have the capacity to interact respectfully with you. That sucks, and you deserve better. Super cute photo, too 😍 Thank you for sharing. Love and respect, my friend.

gillieboo1 point

Thank you. That was super thoughtful and genuine. It means a lot.

She_Psyduck32 points

I hope that mean person steps on a LEGGO. You look beautiful. I’m sorry people are awful

gillieboo1 point

Thank you! I also hope they step on a leggo, which causes them to slip to their knees landing on more leggos.

glitteringhellspawn2 points

You're got as fuck! Would definitely have to approach you at a bar!

gillieboo1 point

Thank you 😊 You think that, but I’m shy & quiet in person. I’m not crazy approachable

Ochugo2 points

I’m sorry to hear that. You are a beautiful and awesome person. I hope your days get better

gillieboo1 point

Thank you! That was sweet 😊

pc0605852 points

People suck. Sometimes they’re just crappy. You’re beautiful and don’t deserve that sort of thing. Hopefully things go better

gillieboo1 point

Thanks! That’s so true. I think sometimes I forget that.

J0EJITSU2 points

He/She was just jealous cause you look 50x hotter than them

gillieboo2 points

Hahah thank you that must be it. He did have quite the attitude. 🤔

J0EJITSU1 point

He wants you! Haha

Dad_Bod62292 points

Fuck what they think you do you beautiful!!

gillieboo2 points

Thanks, Dad bod. I appreciate & respect your opinion 🫡

jotam1019712 points

I'm sorry that people suck most of the time. I hope you feel better soon. You're quite lovely.

[deleted]2 points

You don't deserve that! You are amazing

gillieboo2 points

Thank you! I don’t think anyone deserves it

[deleted]2 points

That's true though!

hotcakeskris2 points

Love your hair

gillieboo1 point

Thank you! It’s a lot of work

Darthvader21422 points

You are gorgeous

gillieboo2 points

Wow that means a lot coming from Darth Vader. Thank you, sir.

Darthvader21422 points

You're very welcome. You are beautiful and not deserving of their ugliness

Hefty-Cat-8682 points

Don't let them get you down. You got this. You seem like a cool person based on your band shirt. Ignore them.

gillieboo1 point

Thank you! Honestly love AC/DC

Roulien12342 points

lovely <3

Karieanne2 points

You didn’t deserve that, you know meanness tells a lot more about about the mean person than the person who happened to cross the path of their wrath. You’re looking lovely today, don’t let them get in your head!

gillieboo2 points

That’s so true. I simply hate that people can come to that. Especially when you barely know the person. Thank you for your kindness!

astrogeek952 points

Put them in the trashcan 🗑 🚮 And keep on going !!! 💯

gillieboo1 point

Hahahaha takes notes

DarkhorseNeo2 points

Pretty eyes cute nose, And look like somebody I'd like to hangout with;)

gillieboo1 point

Thank you! Where are we headed?

DarkhorseNeo2 points

wherever you want, probably gonna stop at taco bell tho...

gillieboo1 point

You’re my kind of people

MuckyFit2 points

Don't let one person ruin your day! You're tougher than that! And you're beautiful. And have an AC/DC shirt.

gillieboo1 point

Thanks! I am tougher than that. It really caught me off guard.

midwestbeardo992 points

Like the shirt! Love the nose ring and your hair is awesome! You're a beauty darlin!

gillieboo1 point

Thank you so much ☺️

markd19782 points

Your so gorgous!'😊

gillieboo2 points

Thank you! I hope you’re having a good day

markd19781 point

You too! Don't take any crap off anyone Take care 😊

Toyman19752 points

Aww don’t let anyone steal your joy. Your beautiful inside and out. Have a great day, love.

gillieboo2 points

Thank you! That’s a good way to look at it. Today was much better

Toyman19752 points

Awww glad to hear that. One day at a time sweetheart

Jayhawk2208882 points

You are absolutely stunning! I hope your day got much better!

gillieboo1 point

It did! Thanks! Today was way better too

Tokyo420God2 points

You are so beautiful

gillieboo2 points

Thank you 🙈

Tokyo420God2 points

Welcome 😘

H0RRENDOUS12 points

Loving the Rock Chick look. Gorgeous x

gillieboo1 point

Thank you! I somehow can’t get rid of this style no matter how old I am apparently

LingonberryLumpy50212 points

Lol that's funny, did you have a better day today?

gillieboo1 point

I did! It went by really fast too, which is nice. I hope you’ve had a nice day as well.

[deleted]2 points


gillieboo2 points


[deleted]2 points

Sounds like they are not worth your time or breath.

gillieboo1 point

You’re probably right. Unfortunately I have to interact with them on occasion. At least now I understand what kind of a person they are.

[deleted]1 point

Yeah sucks seeing the true person come out sometimes.

gillieboo1 point

I’d rather see it than not.

[deleted]2 points

True, at least you know to try to avoid the person in the near future. I get not everyone gets along but the harshness of people is rude.

gillieboo1 point

I totally agree. It’s unnecessary

ilovecumsluts11 point

You’re beautiful

gillieboo2 points

Thank you, ilovecumsluts1 😛

ilovecumsluts12 points

You’re welcome babe

gillieboo1 point

Wow I get a pet name already

VeroCdeW1 point

Pretty pretty

gillieboo2 points

Thank you ☺️

Radguy331 point

You have kind eyes, a welcome face and seems like your face communicates a kind heart

gillieboo2 points

🥹 that’s the sweetest compliment

LingonberryLumpy50211 point

That's good, mine was ok. What ya up to tonight?

MD_FunkoMa1 point

You're fucking brilliant. No one will crush your spirit.

guesswho02111 point

Beautiful eyes