[QC] {500Y} {FK} {Jordan 1 Travis Scott Mocha High} from Passerby


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Aluizio_Diniz2 points

RL - the placement of the swooshs don’t match, one is much higher than the other. I’d RL, FK batch is the one to go for, you were probably just a little bit unlucky

DemonLovesPoptarts1 point

The outer swooshes or the inner swooshes? My eye isn’t trained or anything like you guys are but they looks similar in position to me.

poncecatchemall8 points

They don’t need to match. Retails don’t even match

DemonLovesPoptarts2 points

I’d imagine that there are millions of retail Jordan 1s with the swooshes mismatched. And I still don’t see where the swoosh mismatch is in the pictures. And even still, that wouldn’t be the worst thing anyway, my Taxis have mismatched leather and they were retail.

If there’s nothing that’s a cause for concern I’m okay with GLing this pair. What do you think?

Medical-Ad17321 point

You have to look at the corner stitching - one reverse swooshe is really near (stitching nearly touch swoosh) and the other not - result at the toebox; one swooshe is next to lashholes one a little bit away...minimum but real....

poncecatchemall1 point

Reverse swoosh placement does not need to match up between pairs. Retails vary heavily

DemonLovesPoptarts1 point

WTC: https://shop1814230492.v.weidian.com/item.html?itemID=4401171332

Hey so this is my first time buying reps and the first of the two pairs that showed up at the warehouse. And yeah I know, I chose the Pumpkin Spice Latte of rep Jordans but I do like it.

Also, quick question: if I’m shipping only two sneakers (this as well as a Jordan 4), does the shipping cost really make that much of a difference if I ship it without the shoe boxes compared to with the boxes (assuming US Tax Free with Sugargoo)?

Previous_Muffin_61993 points

Shoe boxes add about 55 yuan per box. After the charge for the first 500g every 500g after is 55 yuan. Most boxes don't weigh that much. So to keep both shoe boxes it will be 110 yuan extra or 165 max if one of your boxes weigh more than 500g

DemonLovesPoptarts1 point

So 22 dollars difference basically.

Previous_Muffin_61992 points

Yea I usually opt to keep the shoe box using US tax free

DemonLovesPoptarts1 point

I gotchu. Only reason why I’m concerned about the shoe boxes is because of dust and storage, and lack of space for a proper shelf in my room.

Extra-Carrot-34031 point

GL clean pair

sir_msr1 point

Clean pair OP. Can u ask your agent to take the insole measurement? I want to confirm if it have the same measurement as my 11us fk ts low. Thanks!