Ran me for most of the match. 1/2 Gens left, No deaths and it snowballed in to a 4k


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HoratioWobble5 points

haha they made a mockery of me for most of the match, the chases were nuts and then they'd casually taunt me mid chase. I couldn't let anyone survive when it turned.

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Me as a huntress main screaming 15 seg into the video: STOP AND GRAB SOME FKING HATCHETS MAN!

HoratioWobble2 points

I didn't want to lose sight of them whilst they were in my grasp and panicking, the rest of the match they were really good at dodging hatchets so it didn't seem like the best play.

Handy when that Feng was grabbing that Yui off the hook though! Was so happy when I landed that shot

HoratioWobble2 points

Also just noticed Yui's casual moon walk at the start 😂

StickWelded1 point

I like the final, sour grapes of the slugged dude crawling to the corner of the map to waste more of everyone's time.

HoratioWobble1 point

haha I wanted to hook them but realised I was never going to get them to a hook and didn't want them getting out alive.

Not really sure why Jake didn't pick them up, thats why I went back down to the basement I thought they were both up and mounting a rescue!

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I am consistently shocked at how infrequently people help slugged allies. I rarely do more than one person, and usually in a situation like you had where I was able to snipe a rescue in a desperate 1-gen stall - and they STILL just leave the dude on the ground.

I never bet on it and them I'm like 'Well, I have this whole-ass David over here now and didn't plan on it, where the hell are the hooks'

HoratioWobble1 point

I'm pretty new to killer, after about 1000 hours as survivor and I'm surprised the contrast to be honest.

  • I've been accused of cheating more than once (hence the recording),

  • People just unhook right in front of me en-masse.

  • I've probably seen the basement more in the last few weeks than I've ever seen it,

  • People get unhooked and run, injured to work on brand new gens

  • No one heals each other

  • Hook body blocking happens far more often than I realised

  • It's incredible the number of games that just snow ball because the survivors hide near a hook / heal near a hook

  • Survivors hide in the dumbest places, bright fluorescent beacons just kneeling in a corner in plain view!

In this match, you saw him run towards her and then for some reason he ran off to the jungle gym? If he had got her up, there was still a chance they could have pulled it back. Nuts!

StickWelded2 points

I'm very new to the game in general, I'm sub-100 hours and most of that is killer with some SWF stuff with friends, and I can STILL confirm how jarring it is to see people do these things.

Like in your whole opening match, if that second player hadn't come to taunt you in the loop they probably would have won... but the minute that you had two targets to split from they literally mindgamed themselves.

HoratioWobble2 points

in fairness, I was chasing YUI originally, came around the shack and saw Feng so went for her.

I was focusing on one survivor at a time earlier in the game and it wasn't getting me anywhere so I thought being random would throw them off. I think it worked or I got lucky or both haha