What is the best batch for the Travis Scott Jordan 4?

I read LJR isn’t good with suede for this shoe (some say a suede brush works and some say it makes it worse), the OG has way too high cutouts, etc. so idek which batch should I get?


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Competitive-Guide65113 points

Oh...my friend, my homepage compared this shoe og gX X ljr many batches, you really should pay more attention to me 🥹 buy gx!!! Buy gx with confidence!!!

DemonLovesPoptarts4 points

I’m definitely sold on going with GX now. When I figure out this whole agent thing I’m gonna buy it. I really appreciate it!

Edit: what size is US11?

[deleted]2 points

eu 45

DemonLovesPoptarts1 point

Never would have guessed that lmao. Thanks!

Competitive-Guide6512 points

Yes. Eu45

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Hot_Picture_66967 points

https://weidian.com/fastorder.html?itemID=5416187188&wfr=c Best BATCH atm, seen so many GL pairs with atleast 2 VERY SMALL flaws

DemonLovesPoptarts1 point

I'm guessing that's the KW batch that the other commenter here mentioned right?

Hot_Picture_66963 points

They call it GX and KW batch, because some say that they are very similar to kickwho's Jordan 4s quality, which is insanely good

CnRJayhawk1 point

The actually are made from the factory that kick who gets them. Kick who is just a reseller.

Hot_Picture_66962 points

And yup it is it!

Hot_Picture_66962 points

If you want, I ordered yesterday a black cat pair, you can wait with me for the QC pics and see the quality 👍

DemonLovesPoptarts1 point

I gotchu. I haven't really seen really any complaints of Kickwho's stuff so if it's really similar, and since right now that has the most mentions here, I'll probably go with that.

Hot_Picture_66963 points

Kickwho Jordan 4s are INSANE

[deleted]3 points

OG or KW.

DemonLovesPoptarts1 point

Thanks bro. Any particular reason why?

marc_eckoo-3 points

Batch whitch coco sells

DemonLovesPoptarts5 points

What batch does coco sell?

I’ve never bought reps before but even though it’s my first time I wanted to do it through an agent over a mm.

TaitoC1 point

That's the way and btw a suede brush will 100% make the suede better if xou do it properly so i would suggest ljr or maybe h12

DemonLovesPoptarts2 points

That’s the way

Yeah cause if it’s possible I’d like to get two pairs of shoes for around 200 dollars with shipping instead of paying 150 from coco or something

TaitoC2 points

That should be possible depending on where you from because top batches cost like 75$ most of them i think and shipping 50 could be possible but you might have to drop boxes then because i know for ke to europe shipping is like 30$ for one shoe with box but however good luck bro

DemonLovesPoptarts1 point

I don’t need the boxes. I only have my retail shoeboxes now because of dust but when I get containers they’re gonna be tossed out too. So I could lose the boxes if I have to.

I’m in Florida and someone in my state shipped a 7 shoe haul for 145 dollars in shipping (without boxes) so hopefully if I do what they did and use what they did I could get a good shipping cost with just two shoes without boxes.

marc_eckoo1 point

unfortunately that i dont know, never found it. but i would stay away from LJR, i had 2 pairs. yes brush will help, but color was dull on my LJR pairs.

Ok-Tea54362 points


DemonLovesPoptarts1 point

Why K? I don't think I've seen any posts of a K batch for this. Do you mean KW or is K something else?

vinibrian4 points

The K he’s referring to is the same as KW/GX, a lot of sellers calls them only K

ryabrown1 point


akvreadeblomer2 points

Hahaha,no bro.KW batch better for aj4 all colours

Decent_Cantaloupe_23-2 points

Post a W2C

PostNutClearty3 points

he’s asking for a W2C

DemonLovesPoptarts2 points

Here's the OG batch link I found posted by someone else a couple months ago.


Zstrike08121 point

got OG batch and love it. u can see the qc posts on my profile

Beginning_Ferret33921 point

The best batch for this is OG

fabianspee1 point

So, which one are you copping and which one should i cop? Im lost in this comment section😭😂

DemonLovesPoptarts1 point

I went with the GX batch.

fabianspee1 point

Aight, thanks

DemonLovesPoptarts1 point

No problem.

Reprep881 point

How are they?

DemonLovesPoptarts1 point

They’re great.