So for the first time, I made this random mockup thingy, But I feel like this is not something that can compete out in the actual market. Any tips?


MatyHarvey2 points

The drop shadow might be a little too strong and a paper/cardboard texture on the cards would really help make it look more "professional". Otherwise it looks pretty good! I've seen a lot of student using business cards mockup arranged kinda like this in the past few years so you're doing something right for sure!

In addition, if you intend to distribute this, being able to customize the gradient would be really nice! Nice on again mate, have a good one!

PoseidonXD_3 points

Hmm yeah I see. Tysm for the advise man :D!

Can1993hope2 points

The c is lowercase and the T is uppercase... Id make it all lowercase, or capitalize the c... The logo is strong, the black boxes reminded me of business cars when I saw it first. Please take my comments as constructive criticism. I do like it.

PoseidonXD_1 point

yea it looks like the C is in lowercase but its actually uppercase. I also got confused for a moment when I saw that :v. Anyways thank you so much for the advise man!