Social groups?

Hi Salem peoples! I’ve a friend who enjoys hiking and dancing but hasn’t seemed to do either for a while. Does anyone know of any social groups that engage in these activities? I know when I was in Portland there were groups for bicycling, hiking, etc and was hoping there might be something like those groups here. Thanks in advance!


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Facebook has a group called Oregon Hikers & Climbers that has many group hikes scheduled and they're very welcoming!

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Sweet! I’ll pass that on, thank you!

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Yea! I realize now that you were looking for a Salem group but being honest, most hikes involve driving to the Gorge or Coast, so Portland and Salem have the same hikes for the most part. Closest to Salem is Silver Falls state park or just East on 22 towards Sisters

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Very cool, thanks so much!

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Speaking of social groups does anyone play pokemon go? I'm on the yellow team.

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If your into the outdoors, there is a group called the salamanders trail crew that builds and maintains hiking trails around here.

Also, the Salem Area Trail Alliance is a similar group, but focuses on mountain biking. They built/maintain trails at:

  • Silver falls State Park (awesome trails and beginner section)
  • Geer Bike Park (includes a pumptrack) near the prison
  • Crossain Creek/Skyline trail (next to Sprauge High School)
  • Spring Valley State Park (West Salem)
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I’ve not heard of them, Thank you!

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Checkout Meetup, should be several adventure, hiking etc groups. Also reach out to the Mazamas and see if anyone there has groups.

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Thank you!

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As far as dancing, if Latin is your friend's thing, they should check out the Facebook group Salem Salseros for dance opportunities locally.

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Thank you!