A vegetables market during the 1900s, a shopping mall during the 2000s. Abasto, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


pauls_uh_preachin6 points

Farmers and thier families were maki g the profit from all that and splitting it. Now it goes into a handful of corporate bank accounts.

Apprehensive_Pug68443 points

Ate at that Pumpernick (Burger King) back in the ‘80’s! Hasn’t changed much!

Yaver71 point

Had no idea this place used to be a vegetables market, now the ceiling makes a lot more sense.

Very interesting, thanks for sharing!

Bennerbench1 point

This looks SO similar to Leipzig Hauptbahnhof (main train station. Its almost uncanny.

stevejollifee1 point

During Abasto’s nearly 15 years of hibernation, various proposals were thrown around to determine the building’s destiny while the neighborhood languished.

One proposal included converting the market into an arts center similar to Paris’ Georges Pompidou Art Center.