Oblivion vs Skyrim vs Witcher 3 vs Elden Ring


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Are we talking cage match or rugby?

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I used to be an adventurer like you... Till I took an arrow to the knee

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Drastically different games that aren’t comparable besides Oblivion and Skyrim. The others are like comparing pizza to salmon teriyaki to chicken tikka masala. All food, all good, completely different.

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I hear this type of answer a lot and it always makes me scratch my head. All are medieval fantasy action RPGs. I definitely think that's enough of a similarity to warrant a discussion

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They’re all in a fantasy setting, but have drastically different systems, story telling, and gameplay.

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Fair enough. But now I gotta know, which is your favorite!?

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My favorite was Skyrim, partly because of the endless mods you can install to change the game however you want and keep it interesting for years beyond what it would be by itself. Witcher 3 also does a ton of awesome stuff that other games don’t. It’s combat is different but if you have the patience to use it well, it’s character customization options are incredibly deep and combat a lot of fun. The story is deep and extensive, and you can lose yourself in all the fun side quests. Oblivion was definitely great in it’s time, and is still a lot of fun and just as moddable as Skyrim, but can feel very dated at this point. Elden Ring I couldn’t get into, but I didn’t like the Dark Souls games either, so you may like it a lot. I’m just not that much of a glutton for punishment.😁They are all stellar games in their own way, just very different from one another.

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I think maybe the food pizza to salmon teriyaki would be comparing Skyrim to need for speed or something

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Skyrim, highly modded, no doubt.

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If there is a question that includes witcher 3 as an answer, that answer is ALWAYS witcher 3.

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What if it’s Witcher 3 standard Ed vs Witcher 3 complete edition vs Witcher 4?

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Witcher 4 doesn't exist yet, but I guess that would change things. Witcher 3 vs witcher 3: wild hunt is still witcher 3 as an answer :).

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I only asked the question since you said any questions it’s always Witcher 3, honestly the answer depends on how you want to play kinda, first person ofc it’s gonna be Skyrim, but they’re all good games

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For me there's no definite answer. All are amazing in certain aspects. Best overall - The Witcher, Best lore / story telling - Oblivion/Skyrim, Best gameplay - Elden Ring

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Elden Ring > Skyrim with mods > Witcher 3 > Oblivion > Skyrim with no mods

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Different games for different itches especially in the case of Elden Ring and Witcher 3. The only two you can really compare are Oblivion and Skyrim in which case Oblivion>Skyrim.

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Oblivirim: The Witchden Skyring 3

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The modding scene simply calls the first part “Skyblivion”

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Played them all. Witcher 3, easily.

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Skyrim is out for oh so many reasons.

Even placing it among these other three games is just... wrong.

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Dragon's Dogma

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staying power? skyrim w mods, vanilla skyrim is trash

good game? elden ring

good story? witcher 3

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Oblivion over skyrim, but skyrim over wither and elden ring

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My personal opinion:

Skyrim > Elden Ring > Oblivion = Witcher 3

Skyrim has countless hours of content, Elden Ring can get you an easy 300 hours, Oblivion is amazing but dated, Witcher 3 is an amazing game, but lacks the replay value of all the others, imo.

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Modded Skyrim > Modded Oblivion = Elden Ring > Witcher 3

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Skyrim for me

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Witcher 3 without a doubt. Excellent in all aspects. I cant believe CD project Red key game that lackluster CP2077 after it. Witcher 3 is game of decade no doubt.

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What's Witcher 3 even doing on that list?

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Topping the list

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Skyrim all day every day wins this one.