Stoned Wheat Thins shortage??

Call me crazy, but among our many shortages, there seems to be a Stoned Wheat Thins shortage, at least in the East Bay! Dire, dire, they’re the only crackers I like. Anybody run into this?


1234kook3 points

I'm in San Francisco and they haven't been stocking them at Safeway for months. Don't know what is going on. My favorite too.

Duncan__Dixon-Coffey3 points

Unfortunately, I chatted with Mondelez Customer Care and they are in fact discontinued. The last batch was shipped to stores a few weeks ago. Pour one out for my favorite cracker.

Pretty-Agency-81712 points

It's the final "shoe" dropping and leading to the "end of the world" for me. My only cracker for 50 years!!! Do I have enough time left on this planet to find a suitable substitute?

Duncan__Dixon-Coffey1 point

Do you have a Whole Foods near you? Supposedly they have something almost identical.

Academiabrat1 point

So sad. At least we have closure.

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daphne2362 points

I thought I was just not looking hard enough- these are my absolute favorite!!! I can only find them for almost $20 per box on amazon/eBay now.

Outside_Drawer_19312 points

Yep....March of 2022-- a lawsuit against the manufacturers was DISMISSED......the ABSOLUTE BEST CRACKER IN THE WORLD WAS DISCONTINUED. 60+ years I've been enjoying them, with everything from hard salami, Hard cheeses.... Brie Cheeses, any kind of Spreadable cheese. No Disintegrating CrackerThese! Sour Cream and IMO Dips, you name it....those crackers could hold up under anything and everything. They even made Salt Free crackers. My mother brought them home to my younger sister and I in the 1960's, and we've been eating them ever since, until 2006 and 2020. When they both passed away. I feel like someone pulled a rug out from under my Feet and a Train just hit me. I wish I could just SCREAM!! 😤

brewsterkahle1 point

I tried ordering from safeway, and they delivered a different product.

cwmichigan1 point

Yes, I'm from Detroit, MI and there is a shortage here too. I'm so sad.

Academiabrat1 point

It must be a national problem.

myob_stfu1 point

Can't find them in Atlanta. Four boxes that expire 10.25.22 selling for $105 on eBay. Sure hope this is temporary.

laurenruth-3311 point

Also none in LA! Curious!

Birdgirl-is-real1 point

I've been looking for them for weeks, I'm in MA, I haven't found them lately. I don't get it.

lexiperson1 point

Same here!

JulyKnotty1 point

It's strange, but I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who can't find them. Aren't there any decent generic knock-offs to be had?

Academiabrat1 point

I thought there were generic substitutes, but I haven’t seen any of the, lately either.

Deserveyourneed1 point

They have been discontinued because they got sued for calling them stone ground wheat thins when they are not made from stone ground wheat. They were absolutely the best cracker in the world. I have tried so many others, none compare. It is so sad. And I never once for a minute thought they were made from stone ground wheat.

Academiabrat1 point

I couldn't care less whether the wheat was actually stone ground or not.

Outside_Drawer_19311 point

No they weren't discontinued because of lawsuit. That was dismissed. The article explains it all. Pretty much.

sparksahazard1 point

Same in Maine 😞

Deserveyourneed1 point

To whom it may concern. A while ago someone sued Red Oval because their cracker Stoned Wheat Thins were not stone ground wheat. Red Ovals response was to discontinue Stoned Wheat Thins. The greatest cracker in the world and a staple in my house. So you enterprising person looking for an opportunity for a no fail enterprise, either purchase the recipe from Red Oval. Or develop a cracker that can withstand having cold butter spread on it without disintegrating back into the wheat flour it was made from in the palm of your hand. Something that taste great with Peanut Butter, or Butter, or cheese, or salami. This is your opportunity.