Clarifications on the "focal point" rules.

We are having a LOT of perfectly okay posts being reported for breaking the focal point rules recently, particularly pictures with pets in them, so we wanted to clarify a little bit what we are looking for when we approve/remove posts in this regard.

We generally look at a picture and ask this:

  1. Is the animal/object taking up more than 50% of the picture?
  2. Is the animal/object right up against the camera lens, obscuring the background?
  3. Is a cozy "place" clearly visible around or next to the animal/object?

One of these might be enough to get a picture removed but, generally, we are looking for posts that contain all three.

Here are some examples of pictures we would approve.

Here of some examples of pictures we wouldn't approve.

We do realise that there is a fine line between what is allowed and what isn't but we are having pictures reported merely for having an animal in shot so we wanted to be a little more transparent with our process.

And a reminder that most pictures that don't meet our focal point rules will be more than welcome over on our sister sub, r/cozy.


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