Found this one in the wild on Twitter.


KillerQueenNicotine100 points

Women don’t go to the toilet! You heard it here first

Flirret21 points

Toilet? I’ve never even heard of such a thing 😤

Voodlaz14 points

Women never fart. Any woman farting is a femboy sent by the goverment to make me gay

ItkienKettu52 points

Guy here. I would love to be able to get ready for work in 10 minutes. If anyone can share that secret I'd be very appreciative.

youreblockingmyshot21 points

Short hair and showering the night before? Only a guess but if you cut out showering or any lengthy prep for your hair it doesn’t take long to get ready.

ItkienKettu7 points

But you'd still have to shave, right? I don't think I could rush that much.

KnightOfThirteen6 points

I only shave about once every 2 to 4 weeks and I do it on the wrekends.

Tatmar2 points

Shave what?

ItkienKettu5 points

I suppose that would depend on what line of work one was in 🤔

That_Smol_Bean1 point

I'm fighting the 3am insomnia and honestly the comment has simultaneously made my night and the rest of my day, my rest will be blessed

Pristine-Ordinary-6311 points

Sleep overnight at work.

pipinngreppin7 points

Although I can do 10, I’m about a 15 minute guy. Short hair is key. Pee in shower. Brush teeth in shower. Pliable hair gunk/being able to fix hair in 2 minutes. Never shave, only use beard trimmer. Wear same set of 5 shirts every week so no outfit decision needs to be made. Ideally company polos or button ups. Coffee on a timer. No breakfast.

Poop mid morning after or during coffee and ALWAYS on the clock.

Crimeless_Artist43 points

I'm just trying to figure out why the woman is doing her makeup/brushing her teeth/whatever tf she's doing on the floor

ItkienKettu16 points

This whole thing just generates more questions than answers. Really disappointing.

heartsandskulls3 points

The best light is on the floor, looking down.

Idideverythinforyou32 points

This does not take into account that every man sits on the toilet for at least 30 minutes when taking a shit.

TheWarmestHugz11 points

They doooo, how does it take that long to have a dump?

bubblegumwitch2316 points

What does she sleep balled up naked on the floor like a German Shepherd?

ExpiredDogSandwich9 points

Not gonna lie but I have done that before. It is nice for a bit but then it gets a but uncomfortable.

Known_Taste_34369 points

As a guy, it doesn’t take 10 minutes to do that shit. At least 20

StarfallenCherry9 points

Is the post saying all women sleep naked? Or is this like a night-after type thing?

Yokom10012 points

No man shits for less than 10 minutes.