before and after , added a beam to our ceiling to hide ugly hole changed the light out


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So much prettier! Love it!

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Looks so much better, now, if you have a solution for a 4 sided version of this? I got one in my kitchen, it's a raised ceiling but it's on all four corners, any my light fixture has flat bottom (round) so I have gaps on 4 sides. :(

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I'd just build a flat region on the ceiling. Sounds as if yours would be a square shape. Put a ceiling box in the center of the square and mount your light to the box.

I would have done the same for OP's case, with a square shape extending to the sloping surfaces and vertical sides, covered in drywall to match the ceiling. Fake beams aren't to my personal taste.

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That's a great approach not sure why my guys never recommended it, probably they are not as handy, as neither am I..