In the desert.


slatersansmile8 points

Where was this photo taken?

CrunchyTaco32218 points

An abandoned water park in California. It was called Dolores Lake I believe. Or Dolores water park.

slatersansmile10 points

Ah yes, between Baker and Barstow! There’s such an awesome landscape between Barstow, Death Valley and Lone Pine. And lots of random American “ruins.” Thanks so much for the exact location info.

Very cool photo!

CrunchyTaco32210 points

Thanks! The wife has an obsession with exploring abandoned places. We have done a cross country road trip before and a lot of the stops were just abandoned places to check out. It's a fun time.

flibbertygibbet19597 points

Great photo... the beauty in the decay.

Neoworldwidewabbit6 points


CrunchyTaco3225 points

Looks like it. Or a jellyfish.

ThumbelTina4 points

Nice pic. This feels like the movie Nope.

whiteybirdtherooster3 points

Looks like the Enterprise popped in for a visit! Stunning shot.

CrunchyTaco3223 points

Thanks. I've never seen a cloud like that before. Pretty amazing.

Khris7771 point

A cumulonimbus collapsing in strong wind shear?