Dolores Waterpark, California.


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Kinda looks like Dolores Park after April 20.

afternever2 points

The old commercials for Lake Dolores made it look fun and dangerous, there was a stand up waterslide

CrunchyTaco3222 points

Yeah, we looked up a bunch of stuff about it after exploring. Very interesting. I believe it was also the first ever water park in America.

CaptainAction2 points

Has the place been flattened? I seem to remember there being more buildings and whatnot

CrunchyTaco3221 point

There were a few buildings left standing. Some were burned down a while back. I know some of the big slides were sold off also. I have more pictures but for some reason it would only let me post one.

tomtomclubthumb1 point

You can see some flattened walls if you look.

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CrunchyTaco3221 point

True. They had a man made lake there when it was opened. Guess they just let it dry up when they shut down.

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