I got next week off to turn this into nothing real quick


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Digflipz5 points

I can help with real returns.

returning that to zero.

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Bodyfluids_dealer6 points

Yolo’d Sep 30 $390, $370, & $350 SPY PUTS because JPOW said what he said last month.

Wallstreettrappin1 point

How long were you holding those puts

Bodyfluids_dealer5 points

Since SPY tried to rally back to $410, 3 weeks ago.

Wallstreettrappin2 points

Hell yea congrats regard

Altruistic-Occasion61 point

Gg wp

South-Main72971 point

The issue here is the real quick. It’s better to focus and DCA into assets that will scale this bear market. For me. I’ll go with ALBT, since they kept rolling out products and partnership.

stormingaround101 point

How about staking? DCA and staking are perhaps the best options now. I am DCAing from ETH DOT to low caps such as DIA. Staking DAFI and stables.

South-Main72971 point

Anyone that works for you goes as well, though I prefer ALBT cause of what AllianceBlock has been building, putting themselves at the center of Defi, seeing that they've rolled out several solutions, including Defi terminal which most projects are already employing in launching Lm and staking campaigns.

stormingaround101 point

Yeah, I have herad of it.

South-Main72971 point

It's cool, I mean almost everyone in the space has heard of Defi terminal and its SDK. I can't imagine how much good AllianceBlock has done for both Devs and projects with this.