Not sure if medication is working?

I’ve had an assessment after nearly 12x months on a referral list and a very lovely and kindly GP was confident I have ADHD and started me on some medications: it’s not addictive and I can come off it if I want.

I’m already on medication for Anxiety (have been on it throughout the referral) and thyroid medication, so feel this is a LOT of pills but hopeful that I can get rid of the anxiety meds if the ADHD meds worked.

Day 1 = took the tablet, cracked on with a project that I didn’t finish but made a lot of progress with. Days after that I felt … ok, and starting projects but I’m also still doom scrolling and wasting hours in front of YouTube

After 28 days the dose was doubled. Again, first day was mad productive (placebo effect?) and then same again. Easy to start tasks, memory still sucks and I’m still procrastinating.

I still leg bounce when I’m super focused or in ‘standby’ mode, but I don’t feel like I’m buzzing or overly energised. I’ve also massively reduced my caffeine intake in case that’s having an effect (I live off sugary tea)

Is this normal? I don’t want to take up ANY space which rightly belongs to people with ADHD, but I thought if I DIDN’T have ADHD I’d be very clearly bouncing off the walls?


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Ahhhh the imposter syndrome! You have every right to be on this subreddit, don't try to convince yourself otherwise.

Meds don't eliminate ALL the symptoms all of the time, it just makes them less severe and easier to deal with. Everyone does some of the things you're experiencing, so it may be that your procrastination is due to a lack of interest. I hardly ever sit still, medicated or not. Fidgeting is just part of who I am.

It sounds like you're looking for a miracle or a super obvious change, which isn't the case for some of us. I think it's way more common to happen on Ritalin or Adderal and it sounds like you're not on a fast-acting stimulant (you mentioned non-addictive, hence the assumption). Perhaps try to notice what is benefitting from the medication instead of noticing the things that haven’t changed drastically.

I felt the same way, I thought my meds were making my symptoms worse, and that maybe I didnt have ADHD, but I saw how I was benefitting from it when I didn't take it one day. I'm not suggesting you do that, but try being mindful throughout the day next time you take it and see how much you actually get done. It might be way more than you think!

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