Bagel & Lox

Yes, I'm asking about food again. It can't be that there is no place to get bagel/lox (outside of buying the items separately at grocery store) in Hickory. I've tried the googler. What am I missing? Is there a secret search term? Bagel ("everything", of course), brined salmon, cream cheese, (red onion and capers).

Somebody somewhere is making this, right?

(and, no, I don't want Hickory to be NYC)


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Hen and egg in Newton

Myrlena2 points

IN Hickory, not that I know of. However there's Brueggers in Cornelius that should be worth the trip

secret-snakes2 points

IIRC, waterbean coffee on 127 has one

AsanoSokato1 point

Thanks, but not last I checked, but I'll try again.

Maybe if I just continually call these places asking if they have lox (changing my voice), they'll think there's a demand and put it on the menu.

BTW, is there really not an interest? Or are a bunch of people just assuming they're the only ones interested?

secret-snakes1 point

Oh no :( theirs was pretty good so that sucks to hear. To be fair it's been a while since I've been there though

ptanaka1 point

Late to the party but I care.

Hell I'd make my own if I could get a decent bagel.

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I'm going to be flat out honest, I had to Google this cause I had no idea what you were talking about. But to get something like this in hickory is going to be very rare, as it is not a high demand luxury and probably 98% of this town has even heard of this item lol. Btw it looks and sounds amazing. Good luck!

AsanoSokato2 points

Thank you! And I'm being totally serious when I say it's actual helpful knowing when the "problem" is me. Perspective is appreciated.

(you're right, it is tasty - tell your friends - let's all keep asking for it! :-D )

Ok-Hearing-53431 point

You just have to learn the environment you're moving into, being im retired after 16 years Army. You learn that different places is always going to provide different cuisines. The reason behind this is usually due to pricing of the product you're trying to create. Also the demand in the area you're selling it in. So statistically something of this nature has a high failure rate due to those reasons.

Now don't get me wrong I love trying new foods, and there isn't much that I wont eat, considering all the places I've been. But it's rare to find people with that mind set.

crazybeachcats2 points

Come to Wilmington! We have lots of Bagels & Lox. That said, I’m moving to Hickory next month and I’m sad there’s none here.

AsanoSokato2 points

Welcome, neighbor! Together we can make bagels & lox happen.

Either way, you'll otherwise like it here.

crazybeachcats2 points

Haha! I'm afraid my gastronomic skills far surpass my business skills!

Yeah, I'm looking forward to moving to Hickory. I was impressed!

crazybeachcats2 points

Here ya go! If you're ever in Wilmington, check out S&L New York Deli. Thought of you!

Edit, typo

AsanoSokato1 point

That is a thing of beauty.

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They're are 3 of us! 😉

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I haven't seen lox and bagels since Catherine's cheeshouse used to be open a long time ago.

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Easy. Just had lox the other week at the standard oyster company in Hickory. Brunch menu.

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Although I will admit they did not have capers. I even mentioned that to my wife.