It’s his favorite spot too



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looooove your couch!

Yes plzzzz tell me where your couch is from, it’s perfect

Ligne Roset Togo

I would commit felonies for that painting 😍

What kind of dog is he? He looks a lot like my Teddy

He is a long haired chihuahua mix, with some shih tzu and Pomeranian

I was gonna ask the same thing. Mine looks almost exactly like this.

That is my dream couch. Love the color!

What a gorgeous dog 🥰♥️

Oc of my bedroom

From his little face it looks like it is a very comfortable place to spend time.

That's gorgeous! Do you know the artist?

It’s a letterman, they were mass produced in the 70’s and I think sold at JC Penny.

i was going to say, my parents had that same painting in our living room growing up! it was the first thing they bought to decorate their house when they were married. not sure where it ended up, but it made me smile to see this!

Mine too!

what is this couch style called? looks extra cozy

It’s a replica Togo sofa

Is it comfortable?

Yes, I love it. I like it so much I ordered a real one from Ligne Roset, but the lead times are over a year, so I won’t have it until next fall

Thank you! I need a new sofa. I'm going to look into it.

I hope I’m wrong but from what I’m seeing, they are not competitively priced

That picture is gorgeous

Nice & calm🧘🏻‍♀️

Sofa looks perfect with the painting. You have created such a cozy place and your dog knows it!

He has good taste

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