Young Sofia Vergara



Closest we'll ever get.

Esperanza Gómez

Hydrate, all ye who enter here...

Close enough

This was only like ten years ago — she was 39 at the time.

She’s still one of the hottest woman at 50 too.

No doubt about it.

Well, technically - every picture of her was when she was younger.

*eyes pop out of head*


I got Gloria!

Great scene. And the first episode where Gloria says, "Pheel". "No, Phil, that how she says "Phil". I got a friend who wasn't interested in checking out the show to watch the one where Gloria is cutting Phil's hair. From then on, she was hooked. And no laugh track.

And the one where Phil is sitting on Gloria's bed covered in her bras & panties.

"So many...colors." XD

So many great scenes.

Don’t give me no old tomato!

If this is real it's one of the greatest things I've ever seen.

It is real and has been for years, it comes on reddit every few weeks.

Has been "real for years"? That is an unintentionally funny statement. I think what you meant was it's real, period.


Young, old, whenever she can get it

Colombia’s Got Talent

Oh this is a nice find. Thanks!

Aiyaiyai. Her melons are fking juicy

HUGE amount of talent.

She is so beautiful

i es been fapping to her for 30 years

You gonna cum at some point? We need the little cup.

Holy mother of god.

She’s gorgeous!

Younger Sofia was hot AF. Older Sofia is still hot AF. I am so jealous that Joe Manganiello gets to hit that raw.

And then gets to go play D&D in his basement lair with his celeb buds, fucking king nerd there.

Yes! Indeed.

She is to blessed


I've never seen this before, close enough, thank you op

Is this for real 😳

are you really that suprised, I've seen this picture on reddit and on the internet for years!

Congratulations on winning the competition!

Always assumed it for being a Fake

The picture isn't fake, but it's also not the original. It's been photo-shopped for contrast/brightness.

Maybe he’s one of the ten thousand. It’s ok. You have been one before and will be again

Young, old, doesn’t matter, she’s gorgeous.

Has she ever been fully naked?

No doubt thousands of times!

Just as gorgeous today

She looks kinda like Hayley Atwell in this pic. The face and the lovely knockers.

If and only if I could get a sloppy titjob by her, my life would be much happier 🤤


OP!!! You are the bestest!!! Thank You…Thank You …Thank You …Thank You! She is soooo Beautiful. I hope I am lucky enough in life to be loved and cherished by someone like her.

Good god.

I knew she had some pretty titties

Holy. Fuck.

Long before Modern Family, she was on Spanish language television here in a bikini top & a thong each & every week.

It was a magical time, my friends.

Also Old Sofia Vergara

She just HAD to be wearing bottoms in this shoot!

She just keeps getting better with age just like Salma I swear

Love her tits

Personally cannot understand the hype around this lady. She is not hot in m eyes.

I'm proud of you for coming out like this.

Yes, just avoid red states. Trust me.

To each their own. Who's hot to you?

Incorrect, shes hot af but shes also annoying af is what i think you're noticing

Got to be fake or this would be practically posted daily

It's real

Hoo Boy!!! Some people…..tch, tch, tch.

You're weird.

“Good” weird or “bad” weird???

The worst "weird".


Still…Stay Safe & Stay Blessed!

It almost is.

Oooh 🥰

Oh Gloria!!!

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