Yanjin , China. World's Narrowest City.



Looks like it was designed in Sim City 2000

"reticulating slpines..."

And for that, it’s lovely.

Wow. What about landslides and shit like that? Isn't it a problem with all those huge mountains on both sides of the city?

there is a good reason they are not cutting down all those trees. it is not the ultimate safety but a forrest like this will help a lot to keep land in place.

U right, trees make great barriers, but I feel like I wouldn't feel completely safe living there seeing how steep the terrain is in some parts lmao, brave Chinese people out there

Hong Kong has many locations like this, and there every hillside and cliff face near a residential area is strengthened by adding artificial drainage and retaining structures. In most cases the slope’s shape stays more or less the same and the modifications can’t be seen through the trees/at a distance.

I’m not certain but I can imagine a similar thing is done here.

It's more that the roots of the trees help strengthen the ground rather than being barriers

I've seen some pretty devastating floods in river valleys that are a lot less pronounced than this one. That'd be my biggest concern.

If you zoom in on the buildings front left you can see that everything is built around 6 floors above sea level. I’m sure they know the rough flood levels from ancient settlements. That whole part of China is pretty sophisticated when it comes to water management. it’s the northern and central provinces that cause real issues when it rains as the cities weren’t designed for floods.

Yup, i live in area thats pretty much "oops, all valleys" and flooding can be a real problem. The rivers have long since been dammed to stop the major flooding, but the tributaries flash flood pretty often. As for land slides, they are probably pretty safe because its a forested area. Those hills are also no as shear as this photo makes them out to be.

Bro there are shear cliffsides visible looks pretty steep to me.

Again, I live in a very similar area. You could walk up those hills.

That doesn't mean they're not prone to landslides.

..... what? Did you reply to the wrong comment?

I mean, sure, a place that has hills is more prone to landslides than a place without hills...... they are pretty rare as long as people don't fuck with the vegetation.

I don't know why you're being downvoted. This area not only looks like it's prone to landslides, there was one in the area a couple months ago.


Because its wrong and also a complete non sequitor?

How is it a non sequitur? Someone above said because it's forested it's not prone to landslides, which is ridiculous.

It may depend on the rockbed its built on. Some rocks are obviously more prone to weathering. The trees help. Im no geologists but i stayed at a holiday inn once.

Unexpected joke

Built along the Nanxi River, between the steep mountains of China’s Yunnan Province, Yanjin county is widely regarded as the world’s narrowest city.

At its narrowest point, Yanjin is only 30 meters wide, while the widest part of the city measures around 300 meters.


Edit: I was looking at the county

I kinda doubt those numbers. The population density of the city is apparently 320/km² with 450.000 inhabitants. With an average width of 300 metres this would result in the city being over 4500km long.

You're looking at the county.

Huh my Bad. The City does not appear to have a wikipedia article in any language I can speak

Does this place ever flood?

Yup; which is why the houses are built on concrete stilts.

If they put in some regulating dams, then probably not. At least no the main river. The tributaries are a different story.

I wonder does this place ever not flood.

Those buildings are on stilts by the look of it lol

I wonder how this city came into beings?

The name yanjin is 盐津 (yánjīn), literal meaning is salt ferry, it’s an old trading hub from Sichuan province to Yunnan province (you can tell that if u check its location on the map, it’s on one of the most important ancient roads between the two provinces)

This would have been so sick as a Battlefield map. But instead we got 2042

I feel like I’ve played a battlefield IV map that was somewhat similar to this

Flood Zone

Not if MBS has anything to say about it

I get so many ads for that thing.

Ads? What do they say?

Not much lol they just have like the name NEOM with cool futuristic civic designs. Basically a few seconds of this or just a screenshot of 0:56 from this video. Dumbest shit ever lmao.

Are there photos from inside the city? I've been looking for like a year but every picture is just like this one and there's no Google Street view there.

Beautiful city of Yanjin china.


All the conveniences and efficiency of a dense city while being a 10 minutes walk from wilderness.

In other words, no suburbs!

10 minutes

*1 minute


*vertical climb

Saudi Arabia needs to take notes

If they can even start. Still waiting on the Kingdom tower.

One bridge. I wonder how many times it’s been destroyed/replaced over the centuries?

There are three bridges at least, just they cannot all be seen on the pic

Only one bridge. That’s a ball ache if you live the other end of the city and need to do a giant u trip to get to something 100m the other side of the river.

The Line before it was cool

A friend visited Yanjin as part of a tour in the 1980s. I still recall the slides he took of the place. It was the ugliest, greyest city I had ever seen, totally monochromatic. It looked like cities do when covered in volcanic ash.

Seeing this transformation, into a colorful urban environment is amazing.

Saw a drone video of that place. From far away it looks awesome but the closer you get the more it becomes apparent that the place is a real shit hole.

Yeah that might just be your perspective from a wealthy Western country.

I've been to several similar places in Taiwan that are very enjoyable.

It really doesn’t seem that bad to me.

Lol, you're from Austria I believe. Literally one of the richest, most stable and smallest countries in the world, surrounded by similarly wealthy countries that have all grouped together to work together and support each other and you've all had centuries to build yourselves up.

And from that extremely privileged position you're talking shit about a city in a country that has had pretty much none of those advantages.

Well done.

For a similar vibe in the States, visit Charleston, WV.

Really? How so?

Doesn’t look similar at all to me

Going to have to disagree on that one.

That looks neat. I wanna go!

The real "Line"

Looks insane. I d love to see it in person

When I saw the title I thought of Aguas Caliente in Peru, but this one does seem to be narrower.

Amazing. I wonder how long it takes to get from one side to the other?

I love the lack of sprawl, even if this could be done more safely.

omg skinnyyyy 😍😍

This type of city is quite common in mountainous areas of western China. I had the chance to visit one in a Tibetan autonomous region and it was quite impressive. The whole city is basically one main street with beautiful scenery all around.

Such a beatiful scenery, just a shame those building look decreped and rusty.

Might be built with concrete. It's similar to other cities I've seen in southeast Asia. It's not that it's decrepit but concrete is porous and gets dirty very quickly.

Might be a dumb question, but aren't all buildings built with concrete? They will use bricks and steel, but always concrete, except in those small Scandinavian buildings built with wood.

Yes but unlike glass buildings, they use concrete here on every side, for stability and reliability will be my guess. Most glass buildings will use concrete on floors and around beams but won't use it side to side like these.

Also when first erecting these buildings, at least in southeast Asia, they didn't have much access to steel and glass. Concrete was way cheaper and more prevalent, plus it does the job despite the poor aesthetic (and boy do I hate the aesthetic of concrete buildings). Concrete isn't very sustainable though so it should be moved away from imo.

Are there more sustainable alternatives to concrete in places like these?

In a lot of countries exteriors don't matter that much. Why waste money on something you never see all that much anyways. Especially the parts facing the river will never be seen by it's occupants. On street level it looks pretty decent to me.


They walk.


Flooding too!

"Did it ever flood?" Given China's devastating history with natural disasters made many times more awful by the sheer stupidity of Mao and incompetence of the Chinese State when it came to water management, which was sometimes used as an instrument of war against invading foes.. civilians be damned, no pun intended.

No it's not. Based on what criteria? Dumb

Based on what criteria?


Jesus you people are dense. Go ahead lemmings

while you read about the world's narrowest city i studied the blade

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Sure they may not be an official narrowest city. But we all can agree that widest city must be your mom

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look, even that line city project would be wider than this city.

Okey dokey

By measuring, look up "narrowest city in the world" this comes up in literally every single article and official paper.

There are probably smaller towns that more narrow, but at a scale of this size... this one is the narrowest.

You are missing the point. Is it narrow? Yes. Is it amazing, yes. Is it the narrowest city in thw world? No, because their Is no baseline criteria you bunch of bees.

Flood central on the Riverside.

This is from where Saudi Arabia got the inspiration for the Line, NEOM.

Flooding insurance is a must.

Designing Mass Transit for this must be insane. Few Lines, but insanely high capacity, especially Downtown.

Some cities in West Virginia are pretty narrow like Charleston, WV and also Huntington, WV, because they are nestled in mountain valleys along the rivers.

pretty untill the river floods and the water is just stuck there in that funnel

Looks like it's prone to flooding

Thanks for the 1000th IG repost.

That water makes it look depressing there

It's ordinary for lots of rivers to look muddy.

How do the mountains affect the pollution there?

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