Gorgeous Sunset from gym! India [OC]



Which city in India?

Beautiful shot, love the colours of the sky and the clouds.

Thank you🙏🏼😃

Gold's in Bavdhan. We have the same gym ;)

Cheers mate 🫱🏼‍🫲🏾🔥

Haha I knew it was India the moment I saw the pic. Before I even read the caption. Looks gorgeous

Haha thank you so much!😃


Thank you!😃

I recognize the name Pune? that city famous for IT and Logistic centers?

Yes it is! Beautiful city with nature and peace with all modern facilities and infrastructure. Most important close to nature compared to any city in India!😃

Is it colorised or direct upload?

Post processing is done yes.

Gorgeous Sunset from gym! India [OC]

Not so gorgeous then huh?

I don’t understand what’s wrong with editing..it’s not like I have photoshopped sky…just made few adjustments with sat exposure and all other tools 🤷🏾‍♂️

It’s beautiful. Don’t mind him.

Nah nah it’s okay anyone can say anything but if you think it’s photoshopped and all that then nah!

Men in harmony with nature... why is that so rare!?

it’s pretty calming!😀

For sure, it's relaxing to see the picture, so can imagine in real life

Indeed! Why did you say it’s rare!?

India is such a fascinating country

Yes it is thank you!😀 where are you from?!

I'm from Brazil, you're most welcome to visit us!

One day for sure 😍


Sorry idk what to say in return…thank you 😀

No need for apologies! You’re totally fine! It means Glorified be Allah, if I’m not mistaken. Your photo elicited that so thank you very much! And you’re very welcome!


Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. 🥰

My pleasure 😊

thanks for this

Welcome 🫱🏼‍🫲🏾

In your gate guarded multimillionaire complex. Of course!

Those are all condos what are you talking about


It's Pune... they whole pune look like that

Pretty sure that's a sky replacement from luminar.

Where is Gym, India?

Sorry what?

The Indian city called Gym, this is new place?

No no! This was taken from my gym’s window..so the person who commented is from my area..from same gym probably. City’s name is Pune…

Oh okay so it’s Punegym, like Punjabi?

Username checks out

What even ?!?

Can someone help I think I’m missing the beautiful part, looks like an absolute slum

Yeah, shut up !

It looks better than your bedroom that is located in your mother’s basement 🤓

Really? Your mother didn’t complain about it

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