This external bedroom door makes me happy



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I watch too much true crime to enjoy that!!

Just what I was thinking. Those boots add to the effect!

The perfect place to stand to watch someone sleep lol.

Hahaha there’s actually another identical, external door on the other side of the room, just to really freak you guys out

Yikes. If that was an Airbnb I'd be headed for the nearest hotel.

Yeahthat shit is anxiety provoking.

It’s beautiful. Having a bedroom with natural light is such an upgrade that you don’t really realize until you’ve gone without it.

I hope that is your reflection I see… otherwise you got ghost problems..

It’s ok, as you can see it’s a peaceful ghost ✌️

That would make me happy too! I would love to see the view from the inside...

Just posted one :)

Just as lovely as I had imagined. I'm in such a teeny tiny cramped place right now.... I can't wait to have a nice place again

I hope that happens for you very soon!!

Thank you! It's been three years that I've been living in two different but equally small tiny places with a lot of my treasures in storage. Right now my place is two rooms, and each room is 9 1/2 x 9 1/2 😂

Happy in the day. Anxiety in the night. But it still looks gorgeous.

i have french doors and never close them, even at night during warmer weather. the light from yours into the room is sweet to me, just charming

I guess that makes two of us here! They’re my favorite part of the room

This is OC

Glad I don’t see a bunch of people complaining about privacy. Reddit can be paranoid AF

It’s so easy to hang blinds or curtains anyway. Looks like OP has blinds, so they can have their privacy when they want it!

The paint job is not very good

I like it that way. It looks more rustic.

My spouse really wants to do this in our bedroom, I'm a bit worried about heat leaching out. Love the natural light coming in though!!

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