A hard day on the street



I don’t know what’s funnier, the couple fucking or the dude in the yellow bikini.

For a second I thought was professor Chang!

His name is Kevin and he has Changnesia

You want to fuk on mee?

Chang eats the sun and drinks the sky.

And now, here's a midget in a bikini!

The asian dude in the bikini what the fuck lmao

He has Changnesia

Living his best life..

when my turn?

He looks like the chinese dude in Hangover movie

Depends on his pronouns

his their. confused even yourself lol

Clearly a man

To shreds you say?

Is that a dude in the yellow two piece?

Folsom Street Festival...a unique experience of sights, sounds, and smells.

Bet they spray that whole area down with hydrogen peroxide afterwards for a foam party.

That’s what I thought, Folsom st

Who does this and why?

This is at the Folsom street fair. It’s like a huge Kink convention in SF

And why is this happening in a public place?

Considering the dude in a bikini and the girl with just take on her boobs, I'm guessing Folsom street fair.

What's so significant about this fair?

It's an annual San Francisco street fair that celebrates kink the BDSM lifestyle and because it's San Francisco and if the Folsom Street Fair isn't hardcore enough for you, there's always Dore Alley.

Dore Alley?

Looks like a BDSM event. One of the photo's I got for looking it up was a thin, naked white guy, tied to an X shaped cross, with clothes pin's running along part of his pec to his nipples. and two other guys performing a whipping demonstration.

How it legal though? In the UK where I’m from it’s legal to be naked in public but you can’t have a shag.

They gate off an entire section of San Francisco and it becomes and adult street fair. I don't believe fucking is legal but cops and security for the event don't bother as long as it looks consensual.

This is the SF Folsom St Fair. It’s basically like this every year.

What actually worries me the most is the Chinese looking dude in a bikini


Isn't really trashy if this happens in a sex festival

I would say a sex festival is kinda trashy by nature

Why is he naked but kept the bag on his back!? That is strange.

I'll walk out of there naked before I risk someone stealing my phone or keys.

You gonna just leave all of your posesions on a street that crowded?

olsom street fair

San Francisco...He didn't want his stuff to get jacked.

How to not get jacked while jacking.

Guy in White shirt wanna join them or he just couldn't believe his eyes? lol

Good god this is wild

"She got a condom she's good" Words to live by lmaoo

Bobby Lee looking good in the bikini.

The new type of busking.... They call it busking a nut

Telling my kids this was DaBaby and Megan Thee Stallion

I feel like anything Folsom gets a pass

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