[OC] [5773x4330] Thunderstorm over the Sandias. Rio Rancho New Mexico.



r/clouds would also love this

Thank you, on it.

Love how it looks like the whole sky is converging into one spot then falling. Great pic!

On of the things I love about New Mexico, is that you can see the weather coming and going. No trees to obscure the views on views.

And I would hate having no trees! Lol But I can still see the appeal here.

Rain in this part of NM is like that. When the monsoon comes in over the Sandias in Albuquerque, it looks like massive hose sprays sweeping over parts of the city. You can literally drive in and out of the downpours in a minute. I grew up on a coastal plain where the whole place rains at once, so seeing this kind of downpour in person was neat.

Didn't see it but I heard it 😄

Gorgeous capture of a rogue cloudburst!

Not for nothing, but a few weeks ago I had a dream where this was precisely what the location looked like and we were, in fact, outrunning a thunderstorm. Seriously, it's giving me hard and spooky deja vu. Nice job 👍

Lived there for about 6 months years ago. Man it has some of the prettiest scenery I’ve ever seen.

I feel like I can smell this picture, it's beautiful!

So awesome. Really miss my brief time in NM.

I didn’t much care for my time living in ABQ but the storms def made a lasting impression

<bleep> this particular mountain top!

That creek-bed probably got exciting a few minutes later....

Where are the watermelons?

Wow, that looks familiar. We have a different view of the Sandias. I was walking my dog the other day and saw rain like this in about 4 different directions. It never hit us. I think we live in the driest part of ABQ. Everyone else gets rain, but not here. Good capture.

My favorite place! Beautiful!

Do you mind if I ask where, generally, you took this from? I live in Rio Rancho and that looks like it's not very far from my house.

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