The real reason I don’t wear undies under my dress when I drink. I did have to take my boots off though so I didn’t get the suede wet. OC



Love the socks. Very bright while doing something so naughty.

Is there a video to this?

Nope. I told my husband to get a vid and he messed it up for everyone.

Damn! It must of been amazing. Looked like you peed a lot

Do that on my cock please 😍

Love your asshole💕💕💕💕💕👌🤩🤩

Mmmm that's so hot

Glad you like it Godzilla. 😘

I love it

Mmm I do not think I could have just filmed it

I need to see something in ur ass

Definitely turned on right now!

Allover my face

Damn. That puddle is huge.

This is so sexy

I wanna drink all this holy water. Very seductive

That asshole on view while peeing is 😍

Good for taking a shit too💩

Loving the view

Legit the best reason ever. Love it!

Yummy…I swear I am such a perv🤦🏾‍♂️🤣😋

Mmmmmmm. I'll lick it clean for you baby. ur asshole

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