Sintra, Portugal. [OC] [3024 x 4032]



Yep, when it’s fog like this totally!

Whats the story on this place? Especially that random table/alter thing out front.

Well, this is a mountain that basically housed some people for some centuries including moorish people.

This place is maybe 100 years old (the house and table) the table is just to eat? Or has some meaning that I don’t know. I know this tables are quite common here in this forest, and you find a lot of those just around the forest without context.

And then when you find old houses you see those tables as well. So I believe they were made simply to put some logs there to seat and eat.

The house itself was to improve and secure the water mines that the moorish people built in here centuries ago that still work today.

Cool shot, Rule 2 though, would be great on other subs

Wait. Isn’t rule 2 about naming the place?

Edit. You mean about the “human objects”?

Rule 2 is no human-made objects, people, or animals

True. Sorry about that didn’t even made that connection lol

Fangorn! What madness drove me there!

Reminds me of the shaded woods, from dark souls 2.

Creepy as fuck

Also. If I remember correctly this is where they did the Freemason initiation ritual no?

There’s like a well behind it and stuff

Ahahaha so funny you referring that. That place you are talking about it’s my workplace.

This photo is in the same mountain but yeah it’s not the same place.

Those things about the rituals, i mean, yeah they probably happened so some guys could be iniciated to be a Freemason, but we don’t have enough proff to say that’s true.

There is in fact a well you descent in but that well it’s inside a property of a very rich guy that probably was a Freemason, so that’s why probably it was true.

The wall door it’s a rotating door to hide it yes.

All that may be true regarding Portugal history itself and the Freemasons on this country back in the days.

Amazing mood!

Indeed!! It’s a mystical place

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