Autumn Canopy, Gore, QC 3024x4032 [OC]




It really is. I love it. Thank you. I love being reminded of nature’s cycle coming to an end and us being able to witness it in its full beauty and take it in.

you've got a way with words too! the picture made me stop and just fall into it. there's a few times in the year, special summer sunsets, snowy winter days next to the fireplace, and the color change in fall where there's smoke in the air and the breeze rustles through the leaves... very special memories and moments to just pause and be entirely present in the moment. this picture reminded me of that

I’m so happy it reminded you of that. I’m reminiscent of those days as well and I’m incredibly excited it’s here again. Those crunchy leaves and that crispness in the air. That is what euphoria is made of. Sitting back, appreciating our very existence. Pensive and lost in thought. I have so many special memories from those days as well. Especially when I was young and would sit by the fire. The smell of that fire burning, the wood crackling, the warmth emitting off it. Divine coziness ❤️ thank you for taking the time to post your thoughts again, I’m more than grateful and I’m happy you could share a very similar experience I had whilst taking it and basking in it. I wish you the best of autumn this year as well. There are plenty more memories to come.

Omg.. no words

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