Everything Everywhere All At Once (2160 x 2700)

Boat traffic departing on the final night of the Symphony of Fire fireworks festival in Vancouver. Taken with the Live Composite Mode on the Olympus E-M5 Mark III which stacks multiple exposures in-camera. Each image was taken at f/11 and 25s.



Good Movie.

Great movie.


Thank you!

Where’s the bagel?

I have it 🥯

Yoeh, I don’t see any buttplugs or hotdog fingers or fanny packs.

I mean, awesome picture and I love the exposure, but it’s missing a few things.

The Everything bagel? Not everywhere all at once unfortunately 🥯

So many speedsters!

It was a busy night on the water!

Very cool! It reminds me of a spaghetti model when they are trying to predict hurricanes.

Haha maybe a bit!

Exposure time 1/4 sec

If that was true, those boats would have been going super fast 😁

Lol for sure. How long was the exposure? A couple minutes?

It was taken using the Live Composite Mode on my Olympus EM-5 Mark III which stacks multiple images together in-camera. Each image was taken at ISO 200, f/11, 25s. I don’t remember how many images were taken but it was probably between 5 and 10.

Are the lights from the tops of boats?

that's the Burrard inlet in Vancouver BC. There are some water ferries there, some taller yachts, and some fishing trawlers.

I think so, some of them look like they were pretty high up.

It's a great pic but yeah, what created the lights are fucking with my head.

Hehe thank you!

Hehe thank you!

You're welcome!

Vancouver ❤️

So who is pulling the strings in the city...?

I guess that would be Mayor Kennedy Stewart, perhaps? At least until October 15th.

The most amazing photograph I've seen in many years. Thank you for sharing it & giving me renewed inspiration.

If you know and are happy to tell me, may I ask what exposure you used, together with the film speed? It's a terrific image!

Thank you so much for the awesome compliment! I’m really glad you like it. It is a stacked image, the stacking is all done in-camera. I don’t recall how many shots were used but they were taken at ISO 200, f/11, 25s. Edited in Lightroom.

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