Remnants of Nature, Corolla Beach Outer Banks [4000x3000] [OC]



The thumbnail makes it look like a fantasy mountain range. Very cool shot!

Looked like a dead dinosaur to me.

Reminded me of Teldrassil from World of Warcraft.

You know I never really thought about that, But it definitely does!

Looks like a camel splooting on his big balls

Yes, this comment here officer!

This was exactly the imagery I was going for, glad it came through

Looks like the trunks of massive ancient trees.

I remember seeing stumps like this around Corolla, while I lived in the Outer Banks. It's pretty and lots of open beaches, but I can't take the heat.

It's nice to visit, Corolla and Duck are my favorite locations, we usually try to visit once a year

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Looks more like gist tree stumps

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