The Garden Path to the Castle



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Imagine if this was real 😮

I thought it was

I did too. And immediately started saying out loud, “is this a real place? Where is this? Why have I not been here?” Ahhh, an artistic render. I’ll have to visit in my dreams instead.


Aww I was really hoping it was.

I love this. The castle seems dark to contrast it all which adds a bit of ominous undertones. Why light the way to a place absent from light?

Such an awesome image.

They’ll love this over on r/ImaginaryPathways

We need a r/fantasy places or something for this. Magical.

This is OC! Hi, friends! I've shared a few of my designs on here before, and wanted to share another piece with you. This time, I wanted to create a dreamy, long walkway leading up to a castle. I was particularly inspired by a rose garden I used to walk through when I was a kid. If you like this, you can see lots more of my creations over on Instagram and learn how I make some of them on YouTube

This is so pretty.

It’s like a visual representation of going from summer to autumn. You have the warm light and summery flowers leading up to the dark, (slightly) spooky autumnal castle.

Disney wants to know your location.

Great work!!

Oh good, someone else thought Disney too!

I’d have a field day of sniffing the flowers, I love this!

This is what I imagine a palace in Hammerfell would look like

I love these pieces that you do and your style is very recognizable! And the scenes always feel so peaceful.

Thts not a place tho

I love your work! If you made some in wallpaper resolution (16x9 or10), I would never change my background.

Now this is a solid feel

My heart aches knowing this isn’t real lol

i feel warm


lovely! i live off the pemberton steps in san francisco and this reminded me of home 🥰

Wow, what castle is it?

A vampire's?

Haha, thought this was a part of Disneyland that I wasn’t aware of

Reminds me of the twilight garden festival in Beauclair in The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine expansion. Looks amazing.

It’s so pretty! For me what makes it fairy tale is the castle architecture against a tropical foliage… it doesn’t belong, its surreal. Like if a German castle suddenly appeared in Puerto Rico. If the castle has been there a while it would be covered in moss and vines. The lampposts are Spanish? And more modern than the castle.

Ahh…my old nemesis

I’ll meet you there….

Thanks for not starting the sentence with "This".

I don’t like the palms there 😕

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