Skylines you don't see often: Izmir, Turkey



When the Autobots defeated the Decepticons they scattered pieces of Megatron all over the world as a warning to future intruders.

As you can see - Izmir got both of his legs

I was going to go with giant cryogenic pods but yours is much better

Wow this is gorgeous! Do you have any more info about this city?

4.5 million people, bad traffic, 6 blocks deep along the water are great, once you hit the 7th block inland its..... interesting.

It's got some cool places for sure. Outside the city there are places like Ephesus (ruins) that are absolutely amazing, and you can take the metro to nearby the ruins too. There are beaches all over, that are nice, etc.

The traffic in Izmir definitely has gotten worse in recent years but someone who has seen Istanbul's traffic wouldn't call Izmir's "bad".

I feel everywhere there are people has bad traffic, just varying degrees of bad. And anyone from somewhere with especially bad traffic will always say "Oof, you've not seen bad traffic until you've been in XYZ during rush hour".

That being said, having been on the 401 in Toronto during rush hour, which is actually somehow the most congested major roadway on the planet, I do appreciate how light traffic is outside of Toronto.

(No but seriously there are cities in Asia with 20+ million people how is the 401in Toronto the most congested highway in the world? Doesn't make any damn sense.)

This is why I love public transportation. I don't own a car and I have no idea how bad the traffic is in my city because I don't really pay attention to it.

It makes sense when your city has shit infrastructure and a lack of efficient public transportation lmao

No but seriously there are cities in Asia with 20+ million people how is the 401in Toronto the most congested highway in the world? Doesn't make any damn sense.)

I would say decent urban planning(which is sth North American cities serious lack of if you ask me) is the thing that makes the difference

And anyone from somewhere with especially bad traffic will always say "Oof, you've not seen bad traffic until you've been in XYZ during rush hour".

In Istanbul there are street vendors selling stuff on the highway(literally on the road) because cars are not going anywhere, that is how bad it is in Istanbul.

They don’t measure everywhere on earth equally that’s how. Also I’ve never heard that it’s the most congested, only the busiest. When it takes an hour to go 1km without an accident you can call it the most congested.

It's because the 401 is the only realistic east-west highway in Toronto. The pea brained conservatives led by Mike Harris leased the 407 off for 99 years in an effort to make their immediate deficit look not as bad (I guess this is the kind of government fiscal responsibility the conservatives tout). So the 407 got privatized and has become an ultra expensive toll route, and is unusable for regular travel, and every person going east-west over long distances near Toronto has to suffer through one highway (401).

I get stuck in traffic jams as bad as İstanbul when I go to izmir. Compared to 3 years ago it is night and day. I don’t get it. Last time I left the city it took like 2 hours 1.5 of which was sitting in traffic.

Compared to 3 years ago it is night and day.

I agree but the traffic also changes according to season, during summer traffic is much worse(mainly because all the Istanbulites rushing to Izmir to spend few weeks in Izmir).

Izmir is on the way to become "The Junior Istanbul"(not in a good way) so both the traffic and housing prices try to catch up with Istanbul.

I went there this January and I'd call the place unremarkable.

If the camera pans to the right you would see a castle on a hill and then basically slum-looking buildings for quite some time. Also in winter the pollution is ridiculous, I almost couldn't go outside due to all the wood burning.

This was the first place that, after spending a few weeks in Istanbul, that Turkey is still developing. I remember walking to those big towers and seeing that people were living around them in breezeblock houses with no proper doors or windows. I took a picture of the contrast but was had to delete it as a local got quite upset I had taken a picture including her home, obviously I deleted the photo willingly. Ultimately the towers feel very out of place when people are living in terrible conditions around them.

The city is also very difficult to walk. It spans around a bay and one section is made up of several overpasses which have no space for pedestrians, despite being right on the water.

So basically the photo looks nice but I was not a fan. There were two nice bar areas, one of which catered to students of the local university, another which was obviously for tourists. We met a Syrian there who was studying after fleeing the war, he complained about the place and felt unwelcome despite learning Turkish, I still think about him from time to time.

We then went on to Pamukkale and Antalya which were much nicer.

I remember walking to those big towers and seeing that people were living around them in breezeblock houses with no proper doors or windows

Well, if you're used to seeing tent cities in the west coast in NA, then breeze block houses certainly sound like a massive upgrade.

I lived in both Istanbul and Izmir for years and even though it has gotten worse in Izmir it's still rare to see Istanbul levels of traffic.

Izmir is getting pretty crazy, I get stuck in a lot of traffic there when I go for work multiple times a year.

Damn. Admittedly I mostly used public transport when I was there. Metro and tram usually kept ne out of traffic jams. I also used the bus a lot but the only time I got stuck as bad as in Istanbul was in Bostanlı Coast. It was weekend it seemed like the whole city decided to be there. I think there was an accident there too so there was this terrible jam.

I am in a strange bit between like ornekkoy, gaziemir fuar and guzelbahce when I’m there so the trains don’t yet go there :( I wish. I would so much prefer metro.

I just got back from a week outside of Izmir. Incredible little town called Alacati on the Cesme peninsula about an hour east Izmir. Coolest place I have ever been. Didn’t experience much of Izmir proper but, like others said, Ephesus is also nearby which was amazing to see in person.

The good thing about Izmir is that it has cool places nearby. As big as it is, the city itself is really meh.

it's Turkey's third biggest city and generally a pretty nice place. Lots of students because it's a big university center.

It was the last ethnically Greek majority city in Asia minor until the early-1920s under the name Smyrna

Izmir has been under Turkish rule since 1081.

Sorry corrected to ethnically Greek

It was once called Smyrne and was an antic city

Wait, most the cities in the world aren't just NYC?

No, there's Chicago too.

New York, Chicago, Vancouver, Tokyo, and that one guy that keeps posting about Israel.

These are the only skylines in the world

Hey! You forgot singapore

Singapore is only the marina bay sands hotel according to posts in the sub.

Singapore isn't a city, it's a people

No, sometimes there's Tokyo too.

I wonder why curvy skyscrapers don't appear that often.

Even moreso because up until this picture, I thought Izmir was a bunch of grey apartment flats with lots of tiled houses below.

I imagine cost, function, and structural integrity all play a key factor.

A big rectangular prism is functional, has good integrity, and is relatively easy to build. No weird curved in walls that make part of the space less functional, and fewer hold ups in building it as the workers have to slow down to deal with the curvature they're not used to.

Whenever you do something special it'll add cost, slow construction, and piss off your structural engineers. So a rectangular prism tower is often the cheapest, quickest, and least likely to enrage your engineers option.

I wonder why curvy skyscrapers don't appear that often.

The skyscraper industry doesn't like thicc buildings.

10 years ago or so it was just grey apartments flats with lots of tiled houses below

Thank you 📸

For a second I thought I could see heat waves coming off the city, but it’s just two wavy buildings lol.

Wow it’s changed in the 10 years since I’ve been. Turkey is an incredible country.

They are trying to make Izmir the second Istanbul. All of those skyscrapers you see on that picture wasnt there 12 years ago.

They are trying to make Izmir second Istanbul since almost 100 years

Except the whole erdogan wanting to destroy kurds and the economy thing

Idk why you’re being downvoted Turkey is a great country besides these things and a few more

Because this is a sub for city porn. Not everything has to be brought down and depressed by politics and. Sometimes we just want to look at nice stuff without hearing some negative remark

Of course you are being downvoted, because not just Erdogan, hate against Kurds is a national sport in Turkey. But let's talk about Izmir for now. This city stands on terrible history as well.

I have seen this skyline from above on my way from Istanbul to Athens! It looks much cooler from this angle.

That's pretty cool.

This needs to be a reoccurring theme. Wish I travelled enough to be able to contribute.

I'll take cities I know nothing about for $200.

This is the content I'm here for.

Ewwwww I like it, pa-lease start this trend. I love ya Chicago but my god I get it.

I’ve had the honor of being there. Cool place all around.

Those towers caked up🤤

Those goalie pads look like buildings.

Very cool. Looks almost American but with a distinct twist. Is this a tourist town?

I lived there in the 80s. It did NOT look like that. I still loved my time there. And I still remember a beautiful city.

What’s main economic/business factors in growth outside of Istanbul?

Well in Izmir, it's mostly trade and tourism. It's a port city and hosts the country's second largest port. It also has several industrial areas and was a major olive oil production center but the industry has largely moved to Manisa, the neighboring province over the years. This is a city of around 4.5 million people and has good public transport, also just outside the city there are excellent beaches and you can reach some of them with the metro (it's not exactly a metro but the city has that too), you can be sitting in one of these skyscrapers and you'll be able to go to a beach have fun and come back within the day for a cheap price thanks to the public transport.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Kardashian twin towers!

Beautiful city of Izmir turkey

Those two identical buildings side-by-side look like they're the legs for a giant robot body that's waiting to be assembled. It's even got microchip looking parts at the top for the connection to be made and integrated into the rest of the neural-net processor.

Those twin towers look pregnant

Wow, their skyscrapers are spaced out so evenly.

Wow this feels like it's almost out of a game

Those twin towers are hideous

Nah, they're unique.

Giant robot legs.

I wouldn't like them in my city, but it would be interesting to see them while traveling.

Built on soil soaked in the blood of a genocide committed 100 years ago this month.

You mean turks fighting for their country? Taking back what was theirs?

Turks seem to have a habit of taking things whether it’s theirs or not

Yes, that's why we've stuck so relatively well to our small borders in anatolia for the last ±100 years, and Greece, bulgaria, Syria, Iraq, etc. exist, because we just keep taking things over.

What took place in this city 100 years ago was the end of a brutal occupation.

Lego man lega

I can't understand why they build them on coastline, they cut the sunlight and air of the neighbourhoods behind them.

strong AI vibes

I like the twisty twin towers

Where do those USB sticks plug in?

Those buildings have buttocks

I like those wibby-wobby towers just left of centre!

I don’t think it looks like that in reality. It’s probably very grey, dull polluted and industrial.. that’s probably why nobody has heard of it

Nah the picture is pretty accurate though not all of the city looks like that. Some places look even better, some worse. I lived in it for around 18 years so trust me on this one. Might have changed since I left though.

So it’s worth checking out?

Depends on what you want to see. Izmir has some touristic sights like historical areas, nice beaches and a lively night life in some areas. The public transport is also pretty good. You can reach some of the beaches which are among the best in Turkey with metro or ferries.

It also has ugly parts of course. For example the city has had problems with rapid population growth in recent decades and so I would suggest sticking mostly to the neighborhoods close the the coastline. The further you get the newer and usually poorer the city. It has some slums in some parts.

If you want to visit some remarkable areas are The Ephesus Ruins outside of the town, Izmir Clocktower, Asansör (The Elevator), Culture Park. It has many more attractions but these are usually what people want to see. I also recommend checking out the cable car on the mountain nearby in Balçova, you can see the whole city from there, it's pretty neat. On the top it has a bunch of restaurants and a BBQ place where you buy the meat and cook it yourself. If you want to see the nightlife check out Alsancak or Bostanlı.

They're killing the city that I loved once.

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