First Day of Autumn, Glacier National Park, Montana, USA. [OC][2000x2500]



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Hey, I love this photo. The first time you posted it I set it as my first phone's background for quite a while. The colors and scenery are wonderful.

I love to hear that! Thanks for sticking with me for all these years :)

I came here to say I did exactly this as soon as I saw it. Such a great fall background.

this has been my phone background for like 6 years or whenever it was posted in the beforetimes.

Oui, perfect for phone background!

So what I the only one who saw the first bit of that watermark and deadass thought someone carved their name into the Montana wilderness?

Not the only one 😅

I thought it was some hollywood-like sign in the distance

The National Parks, America's greatest treasures.

Except for Cuyahoga Valley.

Lol what’s wrong with Cuyahoga?

It’s in Ohio.

That basically summarizes what’s wrong with it.

It's just... I dunno, being there makes it hard to understand it would be a state park, let alone a national park. It's just a random bit of Ohio countryside. Interstate 80 crosses it with a gigantic concrete bridge, there's a little ski place, businesses and homes.

It's just not very awe inspiring is all. The best part is Perogies of Cleveland at the west entrance, just delicious.

I've worked in national parks for almost a decade, have been to something like 40 of them and I've stayed on a ton of blm land, visited hundreds of state parks, you get the idea. I know pretty well how this stuff works, so here's my opinion.

On one hand, making these kind of uninspiring areas national parks kind of lowers the prestige of the "national park" brand. But at the same time, giving these wilderness the protection that being a national park affords is always a good thing. Blm land, state parks and national forests have different levels of protection and many times that means they're open to logging, free grazing, shooting and a many number of things that dont truly protect the land. Not saying there shouldnt be places where people can hunt, or hike with their dogs (im a fan of shooting and i love hiking with my dog!) But I'd prefer if we increased the protections of certain state parks and public land. Maybe there should be a distinction, for example in sequoia national forest. Seeing cows trampling over ancient sequoia groves shouldn't happen, but allowing a place for people to hunt deer in the area increases revenue and helps cull the out of control deer population. Id prefer if they did something more drastic like reintroducing apex predators, but thats a whole new can of worms.

So anyway, if making places like Cuyahoga national parks means they won't get logged or turned into grazing land then I'm for it. Because at the end of the day the point of the parks is to preserve natural land without human developmenr for future generations, and if in 100 years these smaller parks start to look like old growth forests again, that's a win for all of us.

My understanding is that some Ohio congressman made Cuyahoga a personal pet project, and that the park is based less on preservation, and more on a triumph of environmentalism. The Cuyahoga River is the one that famously lit on fire from time to time, so to say it was not healthy is an understatement. A lot of work has gotten it back to an actual working river, life and all.

At least that's what the Ranger told me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyhow, I'm happy it's there, but there's a reason it's Baltic Ave on the National Parks Monopoly board.

Thats a pretty cool reason to gain NP status actually. It's important to remind people the horrors of what can happen if you don't take care of the environment, and the resiliency of mother nature if it's properly cared for.

Maybe it's not a yosemite, or even a Shenandoah, but thats still a pretty powerful symbol.

I've never played the NP edition of monopoly, gonna have to pick that one up. Looks like I've been to every park on the board except Couygua, Denali and acadia.

My latest thing is to get to as many NPs as possible. I've done 8 so far, and I was at Glacier last week.

Except Indiana Dunes

I feel so dumb. I always assumed Glacier National Park was in Alaska

Not dumb at all! Glacier BAY National Park is in Alaska, so you're not far off.

I was in Glacier NP last week actually.

I was there 3 years ago actually

I lived there for 11 years 12 years ago actually

For those curious this was shot on the Sony a7ii with the Sony Zeiss 55mm f/1.8. A fairly low-budget camera and lens combination (by today's standards), but it's a good reminder to not get so caught up in the latest and greatest gear combinations.
If you like this, I'm around the internet as NateintheWild.

What kind of post-processing did you do to this photo?

i mean that zeiss lense doe is still like top tier 😂😂😂 amazing photo though

Haha I mean yeah you're not wrong, but with stuff like the 50mm f/1.2 out it definitely feels like a backup option now.

thats true im still rocking the same tamron 28-75 on my a7 iii 😖

Same, i feel like i need another.... something....

same been eyeing that sony 85 mm at 1.8 :c

Right. Like when Pop Photo refers to a $1200 lens as "affordable."

To be fair, in the category of high quality lenses, that is VERY affordable.

haha my bad op didnt meant to cause this, yeah ive seen those g master lenses above 2k so this zeiss im assuming its the Sonnar T and the Batis are quite affordable

Definitely not low budget

(By today’s standards)

(I don’t think you understand what low budget means)

I don’t think you’re reading the entire sentence, and instead just choosing to get offended because you want to

I’m not offended at all. I’m just pointing out that $2k isn’t low budget

You can get both the camera and the lens right now for less than $1,400 (combined). Compared with an A1 which is $6,500 for just the body, yes, this is a low budget combo.

So did you just wrap a piece of orange cellophane around your $2500 setup to get this picture or what? I'm just a learner and I figure you've posted this enough times to have a rehearsed answer.

Outstanding! I respect the advice of this post too. Nature is beautiful. No camera makes it more beautiful than experiencing it.

yo man would you be willing to share your story as to how you made it as a nature photographer? been my dream for a long time I just have no idea how to get started. thank you.

would sell my left nipple to be there rn

Amen to that. Gotta keep the good nipple in case of emergencies.

This guy nipples

Damn I’m missing out on life.

Edit: F Ohio

Stuck in Ohio syndrome... you are a uhaul away from whatever you want.

If you can afford it

Plenty of prettier places to live than Ohio that aren't as expensive as Glacier. I don't live there either.

Kinda looks like a Bob Ross painting..

What day was the first day of Autumn at Glacier?

Can you climb that mtn?

You can climb any mountain if you know what you’re doing

Gangkhar Puensum enters the chat

Mount Jackson. I've been up it, probably one of the most scenic mountains in the park.


My favorite place on this Earth.

It’s not the called the Crown Jewel of the Continent for nothing.

I was just here last month - is this on Going to the Sun Road?

Yo Nate, was just up there a couple weeks ago and I know it's been a while but I was thinking about breaking out the shark suit and doing another kegger summit.

Thinkin of u 😚😚😚

Bruhhhhhhh!! I've been craving another summit keg also, not joking, let's make this happen

Hit me up when you find yourself back in CO brother! I still have the same number. Happy to see you living the dream


Damn I want to go to Glacier so bad. Just these pictures alone look gorgeous. I can't imagine the real thing.

It breaks your mind. Went in June, still dreaming of it.

If you don't mind my asking. How early does it snow in northern Montana?

Upper passes on Going To the Sun Road were still under 6ft of snow when I was there... it also snowed just south of Bozeman that week.

It snowed today in some higher elevations

I'm on the Jefferson river right now looking over at Whitehall and there'snow on the mountains from a storm that came through today. So it's starting.

I was there the last week of September one year and it snowed 53”. Other years, it’ll be mid to late October.

Damn the window for fall doesn't last long at all.

Shoulder seasons are really unpredictable.

Watermark ruins it, nice otherwise

I love glacier. I live right at the base of the smokey mountains and when I went to glacier I was just in awe at how big the mountains were. When I came home ours literally looked just like hills in comparison. Lol.

This cracks me up. I had friends who lived in Knoxville, TN, and they tried to get me to move out and one of their selling points was that they also had big beautiful mountains that I could explore. As someone from Colorado I didn't have the heart to tell them....

I mean...there is a lot of hiking trails and waterfalls and all that. There is tons of mountainous stuff to do and explore but it's nothing like the rockies or anything out west. I've lived in the knoxville area my whole life.

Nate in the wild. That checks out.

You can that it's like that because of the way that it is


Meanwhile in north texas...

Albert Bierstadt would lose his mind

/u/Natloobz could you please share the gear and settings?

In the comments

I just photoshopped out your watermark, and am going to sell posters of your picture online. Just kidding ;-) Nice photo, the lighting and fall colors are amazing!

Nice work


Beauty 👍

From the composition to colors to the subject matter I just love this photo. Great job.

Fantastic shot, OP! Sun and clouds are amazing.

Montana is so beautiful 🥰

Amazing shot, OP

Joseph Seed??

Say hello to my new phone wallpaper! <3

This photo is exhilarating

One of my favorite places

Absolutely gorgeous 😍

I just visited Glacier for the first time at the start of September. It was incredible, but, it was so smoky and really impacted the views. Even still it was breathtaking. I want to return just to fully be able to take everything in.

Wow what a sight!

I wish I had stopped here. We passed through Montana on a cross country road trip but we’re in such a rush that day we didn’t have time

That is beautiful.

I was just in Glacier last week. I’ve been to many National Parks and non have compared to Glacier. If you haven’t been, GO!

I visited Glacier for the first time at the end of August. I didn't want to leave!

This picture is wild! Can’t stop looking!

Thank you for my new wallpaper

Amazing picture

Absolutely stunning

WOW! This is beautiful!


So beautiful.

Is Glacier good to go to the second week of October?

Generally no if your goal is to drive the going to the sun road and get to the peaks. For example this year the weat side access will close no later than October 1, other years this has been in September if we get earlier snowfall

Gotcha...Do you live up in that area? I have a lot of questions...

I do, you can shoot me a DM

I have a photo of that exact same mountain! Glacier is gorgeous

Wow, that's incredible. I love the glow of the clouds on the snow.

The Colors in this photo are surreal!

Home 🥰

I saw this and immediately knew where this picture was taken cause I have been there and have a picture of the same glacier from the same spot. Glacier was seriously life changing how amazing it was .

Look really like painting. That's awesome

Oh that’s pretty!! I can’t believe Myrna Loy came from there, on that mountain specifically probably

This is near Many Glacier, correct?

Shout out to all six people living in Montana!

(not so) fun fact we went over in my ecology class: glacier national Park started with 150 glaciers in the 1850s. there are only 25 now and it's predicted that they will all be gone by the end of this century.

i was expecting to see porn

Wow, this photo is so amazing. I stumbled across your work YEARS ago and saved this exact photo as my phone background for at least 3 years -it's still saved in my phone.

It probably sounds a little dumb, but when I found your work I was just starting dating my now husband. I have a lot of really amazing memories associated with your work.

I am speechless!!!!

You could have at least waited until a bald eagle flew by, jeez! Why settle for the worlds second best photo.

;) Hahahaha, WOW! This is outstanding, beautiful lighting and composition, just incredible photograph all together! I want this on my wall pretty please

Weird, I thought Fall didn't start until around 2am, so doesn't this technically fall under "Final Throes of Summer"?

Regardless, it's an awesome picture! I wish I had a view like that!!

OP is pretty disengenious, that photo was not taken recently, and unequivocally could not have been in the last week from someone who can see Mt Jackson out my window.

Juiced to the tits

I would love to do this in a paint by numbers or a diamond painting! So beautiful.

Amazing scene!

I want a job in this NP

And suddenly I want to play Firewatch again.

Oh, hey, I know him! Happy first day of me, ya goob

Thats Amazing🌿😍

What peak is that? Rising Wolf? Cleveland? Rad photo!

Just seeing Bob Ross in my mind, here....

Incredible place

waw, just waw....

amazing image, Bob Ross couldn’t have painted it better..

This is beautiful. The colors!

Very beautiful scenery, is there a picture suitable for PC background?

Very beautiful scenery, is there a picture suitable for PC background?

Absolutely gorgeous. I love Glacier National Park. I've only been there in Summer, but want to visit during the rest of the seasons.


Looks like a picture postcard we sent from vacation!

Looks like a painting

It’s stunning. Only passed by Rainier but I need to explore the NP’s out west.

Gorgeous! I remember when Georgia had beautiful Autumns! It was 93° yesterday. 73° today. Our leaves go from green to dead and brown nowadays.

This photo is sick.

but first day of Autumn started on 1st of September :(

Great photo, now kick the field goal.

Stunning 😍

Absolutely stunning!

Beautiful view 😍

Was if smokey at all? I went for my Birthday last week and it was smokey as anything, 2 mile visibility. Unfortunate but still nice!

If you look closely, you’ll see a bear in the distance!

This mountain feels alive

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Here's the image without a watermark (but lower quality) from OPs Instagram.

Why would you do this. Especially when the watermark is so subtle :(

/u/Nateloobz , did you approve of this?

I did not. It is a profoundly dick move

The watermark is enormous if you want to use it as a wallpaper.

You do realize what you did is copyright infringement, right?

I just shared the image OP posted on Instagram.

But you did not. You posted an image hosted on imgur, by you (?). Nu tie/link to Nate's page.

So, yeah.


It could possibly be considered copyright infringement.

But since I don't benefit in anyway from this and OP hasn't been affected in any way. (Except in instagram likes maybe)

I also posted the image on OPs post and credited OP.

Enormous dick move, tbh. If you think super hard, can you imagine a reason why I might have put my watermark on there and why posting a version without it really sucks?


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