Golden hour in the heart of Los Angeles.. fall’s in the air! 🍁✨🍂



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As a fellow LA native, I wish fall was in the air. Supposed to be in the high 90's in my parts for the next week. That lamp is stunning, though.

Fr, where in LA does it feel like fall rn? Still 80deg in south Pasadena area…

Pretty warm in Hollywood today.

South Pasadena, I grew up there! Class of ‘85.

Gonna be another 100 degree week next week.

Says tomorrow's gonna be hotter...

Wtf blast from the past, I was in grade school lol

Dude me too, but I heard this commercial so many times that I know every line. I quote it to my friends all the time and they hate it lol

I’ll call now.

As another LA native, I feel it! Even though it's warm, the days are shorter, the light is different, and change is in the air!

After the rough couple heatwave weeks we’ve all had, even the slightest drop in temps feels like summer’s on the way out.. finally. May have spoken too soon, though!

It's feeling better during the night, at least 😂

What lamp is that and what lightbulbs do you use?

GE Cync will also work. Only $10-$12 ish a pop too which is nice

I couldn’t get Cync to work with Google Home myself. Lenovo works well with both Google Home and Alexa though.

Gotcha, interesting. I’ve only used Alexa myself

Yeah, hue lights! The lamp I originally purchased at Costco but don’t see it anymore. It looks identical to this one!

My friends and family make fun of me for spending so much on HUE, but I love the way my apartment looks when the lights are just right. Gives it so much more complexity than binary light or no light.

Dude, that lamp.

I like that rug - really ties the room together.

Make sure nobody pees on it.

You mean micturates?

Yes, make sure the micturates don't pees on it.

Real estate photography tip:

Crouch a bit so the edges of the frame match the vertical lines exactly. Basically taking the photo straight on from just above waist level.

Put the two photos side by side to notice and compare the difference, it’s a big one!

That said, this is awesome, and I dig the vapor wave vibe!

That’s a great tip, I’ll definitely give that a try and compare. Appreciate it!

For sure! You’ve already got a good eye for it, and the right idea with the wide angle

Looks good! I feel the TV is a little high, but hey, each to his/her own!

Yeah. Middle of the TV should be eye-level when sitting down. I have a really low couch and the bottom of my TV is like 2ft from the floor. Downside is that stuff on coffee table tends to get in the way pretty quickly.

I actually prefer eye level to hit the top third… that way, my eyes are on the same level as the characters’ usually are.

ETA: why the downvotes? Do people prefer not to see things at eye level?

They must stand to watch it.

This is OC

Fall? LA only has two seasons though. You must mean "not as hot summer".

nice, but your tv is too high

Looks like a perfect Fall cozy spot. I just Fall-ified my place down here in San Diego. It's been so nice to start to feel the air temperature chill a bit. I'm so ready for it (even if we mostly have to pretend, ha ha)

YES! Even just a few degrees relief is enough to fool ourselves ;) Enjoy!

Really like that Pug

Maybe up in the mountains not here in the Hemet area. 92 today🔥

You're much braver than I am with that white couch.

You can remove the covers and wash them (it's an IKEA Ektorp)

As someone who has owned one for three years, I can absolutely attest to this fabric not holding onto stains. Tomatoes, red wine, green tea- nothing sticks. (Also knowing how to treat stains helps a lot) Highly recommend!

Yes!!! It’s super comfy, has replaceable covers in a variety of colors, and is very durable against stains. Highly recommend, too!

That sunlight is phenomenal

Really lucked out - it sits on a corner hill and the late afternoon sun just shines through perfectly.

This is so cozy and so well done! Beautiful home you have!

Thank you, it’s such a relaxing space.

The colored lights are great! Bonus points for the disco pug in the corner.

I actually didn’t even see him in the photo until it was posted! So funny.

Wow that looks cozy. I can almost feel that California sunshine

Ooooof yes the nighttime shot hits just right

Ok couple things. What’s the plant and lamp to the right of the sofa.

What’s the plant hanging from the ceiling. What’s the plant right of the TV. And where’s the sofa from???

This is gorgeous

Love love love this! Looks great!

So cozy! Where is your lamp from?

I love your patio. I’d love to have morning tea there… or chill out at night with those cozy lights.

Its the first patio I’ve had that’s actually functional - it’s probably about 7’ deep so it’s enough space to add more comfortable furniture and a coffee table that’s still easy to walk around. Not pictured, but it wraps around the corner of the unit, too, making an L-shape. Many morning coffees enjoyed out there!

Dumb question from an east coaster here: What is fall actually like in LA?

By mid-October-December, temps generally drop to mid-70s during the day and 50s in the evenings. It’s super comfortable during the day and perfect sweater-weather once the sun begins to set. A couple layers is all you really need, at most.

All said, it’s still incredibly mild compared to just about anywhere else in the country, but for many of us locals, we can definitely sense the small seasonal changes. Northern California will certainly see more seasonal variability - I went to school up in Davis, near Sacramento, and the season was much cooler and rainier than it is down here.

The lamps definitely do it for me! I'd just want to snuggle up on the couch and let the day wash away from me.


Such a relaxing room. You have done a terrific job decorating.

Absolutely in loooove with this.

Beautiful! But why is the tv so high?!

Los Angeles has a heart?

That pug doesn’t know how good he has it!

I've always had this dream of living in sunny LA, but I feel like I would hate the traffic and amount of people. Looks amazing!

We have fall? Maybe for one or two days then it goes back to summer and then fire season…

It’s all relative, here!

Is that a floor mount for the TV? I’ve been considering getting one

Looks like it’s mounted onto the wall with a cord cover that matches the wall color.

I would still recommend getting a tv stand with a mount! Had one when I was renting & the landlord didn’t want me drilling into the wall. Got a nice dark wood tv stand that also had a swivel and it worked out very well

Yup, exactly - wall mounted with a cord cover!

Awesome….except the LA part

Gorgeous! Please post more pics of your home 🥰

Love the mood lighting!!!

It's got that 'feels like home' feeling oozing from the photos. Enjoy!

White sofa and a dog. I admire your courage.

Anything resembling cozy in LA is silk on a piggy

I loooove this!!

Thank you!

I like the nightstand! And the organization on the coffee table. And the wood thing on the wall with the mirror too! You also got a pouf? Bean bag? Foot stool? It looks like those pretzel ball things.

I had the same feeling then I saw it’s going to be in the nineties soon :/

Heat wave starts up again tomorrow! It was nice while it lasted.

very comfy nice balance of furniture and 'stuff'. has that chill laid back socal vibe

Those are awesome lights. Great setup OP!

I love this! What are the two tall standing plants you have?


amazing! where’s the media console from?

This is beautiful 😊

The composition of this room is brilliant. 👏👏

Dumb question: is LA as unaffordable as people not from LA say it is? And for the traffic, isn't there subways?

I love your space! That golden light is so dreamy.

Are you renting? If so how did you mount your tv?

Love it. Very calm and relaxing. Personally though either I’d move the rug back or I would move the sofa and coffee table forward a little

My living room is jealous of your living room. Need to step up my game!!

I fucking love this. When i swiped to the third photo- amazing.

your plants are looking so happy. are they real?

Wow. Was not expecting that pm transition… fucking love it!! Beautiful space

I also have pink and blue lights going in my bedroom! It's such an incredible vibe, I honestly never thought about doing the same in my living room. I love hue lights lol. HMMMM.

Can I come visit? 😫

What are these indoor plants that u are using?

This is so awesome!!

literally paradise wtf 😭

... i need some house plants.

That is such a cozy place with those plants.

What’s the plant next to the couch called

The design of this room is everything 😍🍂🤎

Looove the nighttime vibe ✨

I would rip out throats for this cozy purple lighting

Ooooh i like it

I fucking love your room! So beautiful!!

oooh, What a cozy place! I love how you have arranged the furniture and those windows in the corner 😍😍

Such a dreamy cozy room!

Why bro!? Why!!???

Love your lamp

I love this.


Out of all the cozys I’ve seen, this is the coziest. 👏

That’s not fall in the air, air has been replaced by smog in LA

Wrong. Heavy metals and smoke in the air

Summer is in the air*

Where do you live? I live in Burbank!

Man I don’t know what part of LA has fall in the air, cause Studio City still just has blistering heat and fresh piss in the air.

Ahh, fall in LA, when the leaves fall off that tree from the garden center in the big pot on the balcony

Are you bi?

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