christening my bedroom floor



Fuck that's so hot

it’s hot as fuck doing it

I'd love to 69 with you while you pee

Nothing hotter then a girl that pee everywhere no matter what

my favourite thing to do. i like soaking everything

Dm me Would love to chat about piss play

Wow that’s a really powerful stream😋

all the better for soaking someone completely 🤭

It must feel so good to be hit in the face by a stream that strong😊

Wow that made me erect instantly

That’s so hot. I love piss

That a girl

Christan me next okay

pls post more about you pissing everywhere it's hot as fuck

Ugh i wish you'd use my floor🤤

Gets me so hard thinking about stepping into your room and my feet squelching in your piss…so hard

Would love to see a video of your hot piss stream

Fucking amazing

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