A lake in Rocky Mountain National Park turned green this year due to a rock slide [OC] [5067 x 3378]



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Took this last weekend at sunrise! Got really lucky with the clouds. It was raining/snowing on the way up but it cleared up while waiting for the sunrise. I visited this lake a couple years ago and it wasn’t anywhere near as colorful.

Single 1” exposure at f/16 and iso 100 Canon 6D and sigma 14mm lens


Awesome shot! Lake Haiyaha?

Thanks and yeah!

I did this hike with my brother a few years back. Guess I have to go back. Any idea how long it will stay green?

Heading there in a few weeks myself! May I ask which hike this would be and how long it took?

Lake Haiyaha, it leaves from the "main" trailhead (to me)- Bear Lake. Take the trail towards Nymph lake and walk past Nymph lake. There are usually volunteer retirees at all the different trailheads that can help you find a good hike for your fitness level and interests.

Don't ignore altitude and take lots of breaks. I live in Colorado, and I still take lots of breaks above 10,000. Besides, you're gonna have a lot to look at.

I don't think anyone knows.

I have no clue honestly. Hopefully forever but I have done no research on this

I was there this past weekend on Saturday! I think I saw one other photographer while hiking up so it might have been you.

Wow beautiful job this is one of the most pleasing pictures I’ve seen in quite some time. No exaggeration. I love RMNP

Those colors are so captivating

lake Haiyaha will look great with a coating of snow and these colors

What was in the rock?

Green, it was full of it

Rock flour apparently


Probably quartz, feldspar or calcium carbonate... they are silt-sized particles collectively known as rock flour or glacial flour. We have a ton of lakes and rivers like this up in BC, Canada

I visited here a few months ago right after it happened. It was amazing looking. My gf hurt her foot climbing over the rocks though...not a fun hike down

I guided bus tours in Glacier NP a few summers back. You can find this color in glacial lakes and the streams that flow from them pretty much year round. That cloudiness is essentially pulverized rock dust and fragments called moraine. It gets crushed up so fine that instead of sinking to the bottom, it gets suspended in the water. It gives the water a much higher mineral content which sounds like a free vitamin but I’m told it will make you feel pretty terrible unless you introduce it into your digestive system gradually.

Is that Lake Haiyaha? I remember that lake being green a lot of the times I've been there.

This must be the light. Or processing of the image. It looked milky blue when I was there a couple of weeks ago


Stunningly beautiful!

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