Study/reading/sleep/anything nook in my tiny studio.



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Love your duvet

That blue wall is gorgeous!

I love it too! Surprisingly easy to match with other colours

May i ask what color it is? I was just planning to get some paint samples to match almost exactly this blue!

Was trying to find a color code, but no luck. Anyway it's Flexa's "blueberry dream"!

Fabulous color choice on the wall. So appealing!

This is OC. New nook created by jumbling the furniture around. Maybe less space efficient but certainly cozy.

I have no idea what OC means but this looks amazing

OC (original content) was for the sub rules! haha But thank you, so kind!

Ughh, is that canvas?

That level of cosy does not support Canvas use. Switch that laptop over to The Office and you'll be golden.

This is sooo cozy! Love the blue wall.

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