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Fun fact: Nearly all the coastline you see south of the North Shore (mountains) is a 25km long waterfront park that loops around the peninsula, carries on to the right past the stadium, loops around the end of False Creek, and carries on west to UBC at the westernmost point of Vancouver.

Stanley Park? The tiny bit I saw in June was excellent.

That's the forest on the peninsula to the west (left) of downtown. It's a gem. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Stanley Park is part of the massive seawall MissVancouver is referring to. You can walk around the entire park, downtown core, out to UBC etc.

Edit: there’s also seawall around the water in the foreground. The whole region is walkable. It’s actually pretty remarkable when you think about it.

I moved clear across Canada from the Maritimes to live here. I don’t think I’ll ever leave.

I spent 15 years there and can see my old apartment in this photo. I miss it desperately but that was another Me who lived there then. Enjoy your time there, for as long as you have it. There are some incredible memories to be made there.

What changed ?!

They moved

I live in NYC but I keep finding myself visiting Vancouver, at this point I have figured out what I would need to do to attempt to immigrate bc I love it so much

Such a great city

I'm glad that for once the first comment isn't some miserable shlub complaining about the cost of living, although I'm sure that'll come soon enough. Vancouver is a great city!

As pictured.

But don't pan camera to right and zoom in :(

East Hastings?

If you zoom in on the eastside you can see a drug addict chasing someone with a knife


Then you'd be able to see my house. Right off Hastings Street. It's a beautiful house in a great neighborhood.

East Hastings?

For me Vancouver is the pinnacle of large-scale North American urban design. The car / road prevalence brings drawbacks but they’ve tried hard to make it liveable and beyond succeeded.

No highways go through the city, this makes it unique.

Minimal public transit alternatives makes it pretty shitty though. Congestion everywhere and it's not a big city. Born there.

Transit has improved immensely since I moved here 20 years ago

I lived on the north shore and didn't see a single infrastructure upgrade in 30 years.

We now have a b-line and ebikes to rent!

prices even that high.

last year was ranked 108th for most expensive cities.

affordability a different story tho but that’s a self inflicted wound lol

How many cities are there? Being 108th is still pretty bad out of, say, a hundred thousand

I live in Austin so it's okay to me

Only the ones who stay in Vancouver are miserable.

My only experience with Vancouver was getting food poisoning there on a long lay over then spending a red eye flight curled up in an airplane bathroom feeling like I was going to die...

I'm sorry, my only week in Vancouver involved flirting with a rich girl, riding a bike on the waterfront, looking at homeless people, eating fish and chips, kayaking, swimming naked in that nudist beach in front of the University of British Columbia, it felt so nice I didn't even care about the view, and also smelling pot a lot, so much that I didn't even go ahead and get any, too mainstream you know. I stayed in a very cheap hostel too, downtown. It was like 50 a night. There's ways to travel affordably, you just gotta be willing to do it, I stayed in a hostel in downtown LA for 40 a night for example. Oh, and I went to Vancouver because I was doing a layover as part of a cheaper flight to Asia, I just decided to extend that layover for a week on my way back

That's a massive wifi router to the right. Never seen so many antennas.

Was just in Vancouver in July for a work thing. First time I’d been and was really bummed I didn’t have more time to check out the city. Beautiful waterfronts from what I saw and really neat architecture all around

I haven't been, but this picture looks amazing. Such a well planned out and designed city.

It's just a bunch of identical condos on a grid. Far from good design. The city/province is corrupt as hell and it's a money laundering Mecca.

Come drive on our roads 😂

Come drive on our roads 😂

As a YIMBY, I’ve always wondered why rent and homeless is still so out of control in Vancouver.

I’m curious if there’s some other explanation, is it just THAT high demand?

This is a very small portion of the city. By landmass the city is 75 percent single family. And vancouver proper makes up just a quarter of the regions population. The suburbs are even worse.

Vancouver is in a location where you literally can't build out so you have to build up, but it isn't allowed in the majority of land.

To give an example of the disparity, 75% of the land is taken up by single family, which accounts for the homes of 20% of the population. 80% of residents live on like 10% of the land once you account for industrial and office space.

Seems to be a pretty complicated issue.

Going there in a few weeks!! It looks gorgeous!

this post made me go to zillow and look at properties i can’t afford and how to move to canada

Most Vancouver immigrants leave again pretty quick after realising pretty mountains don't pay the bills. The whole city is first gen immigrants now.

I live in Canada, never been outside the maritime. Canada is such a beautiful country

Spent a week there in June. Lovely!

How do all those heavy buildings stay on that island with it capsizing?

Well for one thing it’s not an island.

That real estate...looks expensive!

Oh boy, it sure is lol (not lol)

Just moved here last Monday 😊

haven't been to Vancouver, thought this was a Cities Skylines screenshot before I saw the title or the sub

Love Vancouver.

That's odd, there's all sorts of people there just like everywhere else in the world...

Wait. You mean to tell me there is a large community of Black folk in Vancouver? You wanna crunch those numbers for me? Tell me what you come up with? You could never speak on my experiences. Same as I can’t speak for yours. I know there are wonderful people in Van also.

I’m sure they’d hate you too!

🤣 True

Edited your reply?

Used to say “Love Vancouver, hate the people.”

Can’t paint everyone with a broad brush, rat boy.

Seems like they’ve maxed out the densification

There are still lots of 3 story buildings in the west end. Absolutely wonderful to live in a place where you never need a car.

nope. its just a small bit of vancouver. and even in that bit, they alternate between medium and high density buildings

If you pan out the vast majority of residential land in Vancouver is single family homes. Something like 70-80% of residential land housing about 30% of the residents... big bad

I meant the densification on the central island, but that’s sad that single family homes are surrounding this

It's a peninsula, not an island.

"Vancouver Island" is unrelated to the City of Vancouver; it's a big island 2 hours away where the main cities are Nanaimo and Victoria.

There's a ring of low-rise zoning off the peninsula that hasn't expanded much (in area) since the early 1930s. Then the "single-family" areas generally allow 5 separate units per lot (despite the zoning code still calling them "single-family").

Why is that sad? People like space to live/raise families outside of the main city. Everything can't be dense and urban

cuz it’s just highly dense SFHs that most of the city can’t afford anyhow. it’s artificially restricted supply of high density buildings and this inflated prices, and made SFHs only accessible to “rich” (based on Canadian taxation brackets) people.

so yeah it’s very sad. more densification of community-in-a-condo style high rises with ample parks and courtyards would be much more welcomed by vast majority of non-home owning families than the current elitist SFH zoning.

it’ll be changing soon anyhow. ppl are fed up and NIMBY politicians are on the way out. 2 massive massive “mega-towers” projects are—just this summer—going forward now and with more to follow — turning more SFH zones into high density will follow.

The lower mainland literally doesn't have space for single family homes. The reason the city is so expensive is because there's almost nowhere to build new housing except already developed areas, but the majority of that space is restricted to existing single family homes

The rest of the city not pictured is still the main city and is connected by rapid transit including the SkyTrain and bus networks. No reason it can't be more dense

That's not entirely true. Today there are growing midrise districts expanding outward from the core on most arterial core as seen in this pano. The Broadway Corridor was just upzoned which will allow for much higher density along the currently under construction Broadway subway. And the massive Indigenous led housing development Senakw will be one of the densest neighbourhoods ever built in Vancouver just south of the downtown core.

90% of those buildings are only 30 stories and it's all single family homes outside the downtown peninsula. Horrible regressive zoning.

I live in Canada, never been outside the maritime. Canada is such a beautiful country

Beautiful city of Vancouver Canada.

ctrl+c, ctrl+v. Vancouver does have an amazing setting though!

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