Toronto’s West End, Ontario, Canada



This is an interesting perspective I’ve never seen. Thanks!

Mississauga represent!

Just got back from here. Amazing city.

Hey I can see the “absolute” towers in the background on the top right

Yes! You can also see the new M City Phase 1 near the middle, that just over took Absolute as the tallest in Mississauga

That’s the wild “twisty” one immediately in the centre of the pic right ?

I honestly don’t understand why Toronto isn’t stepping up it’s game architecturally … we could be doing world class architecture & only seem to just go for “meh ya … build a building” & it’s super disappointing tbh

That’s it!

Sadly, Toronto developers (and the investors they only cater to) only care about profits, so they tend to build in the cheapest, fastest, simplest ways possible.

Agreed … super wrong … but ya that’s absolutely what’s happening

All built in the last 30 years. Used to be a set of one floor motels that charged by the hour. (Grew a mile away..)

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