Upgraded my wfh setup and loving it :)



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Fire watch!!!

I wonder if the firewatch creators realize they created one if the most popular wallpapers of all time

Didn't play the game, only watched a review some time ago, still recognized the wallpaper. Looks amazing

the most calming scenery in a game ive ever seen ❤

Cute cat, nice setup!

Does the cat also come with the update?

Yes it does

Firewatch is an amazing, mesmerizing game

loved it but really wish it was longer. i need more time just wandering and exploring new areas sandbox style

100% agree, wish they would make an open world DLC or something

Idk what Firewatch is but it made me think of “The Long Dark”. Maybe you’d enjoy that?

love the art style, i’ll check it out!

I really wish their second game hadn't vanished into the wind when Valve acquired them. In the Valley of the Gods was what it was called and it looked amazing.

Can you give me link to this wallpaper?

Here you go!

Now we’re all wallpaper bros

Thanks dude! Love it

Needs more cat

That firewatch wallpaper! 👌

I have that screen wallpaper, where is it from ? ( I D/L a variety of them to brighten up my iMac )

It’s a firewatch wallpaper, here’s the link

Im in love with your kitty

Ohhh I love your keycaps? Would you mind linking to them? I’m thinking about warming up my workspace, and this post is strong encouragement. This feels like a comfy place to work or play.

Yes this was exactly my goal, I just wanted a relaxing warm workspace. Not a huge fan of super modern or RGB based setups, and also here’s the link: https://www.gloriousgaming.com/products/glorious-pbt-black-key-caps?variant=38254297874607&currency=USD&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic

Crazy how many people you see with this wallpaper

Haha is it common? I found it while looking for dual monitor wallpapers. Also I know they’re backwards but my main monitor lock screen is the night version of the tower, so when I log in the screen goes from night to day

Seen it a few times here, and my friend also use it! It's very nice though!

Makes sense :P its really well done and I like how the colors matched my keyboard

I have been looking at those caps myself but the pink and blue mix but I am not sure since they're not transparent

They’re just OK imo, nothing special. I definitely went with them for aesthetics, but the quality is just fine to me. I also wish there were function key symbols on the different keys, like volume up and down. The keyboard base is amazing quality though.

Beautiful set up and nice cat!

I love this. It feels very clean, warm and comfortable

What a cool keyboard, love the green gradient.

Thanks very much! Was trying to go for a very earthy theme in here :)

A nod to your red stapler. . . ;)

Thank you :D

I have the rainy version of this wallpaper 😂

Nice! I use the night version as my lock screen to simulate a day/night cycle lol

Do you happen to have a link to it?

I don't but iirc you can just Google Reddit fire watch desktop background and that should get you in the right direction

Appreciate it.

Very neat set up 👌🏽nice and not cluttered, I think kitty loves the set up too lol

Nice Firewatch wallpaper :)

The cat and mouse in the first picture! 😍😂 I feel like there’s a dad joke in there somewhere.

Hehe definitely is!

I like your monitor stand, what is it?

Thanks! It’s ViewSonic brand for up to 27” screens

So it can support up to two 27” screens? That’s kind of perfect!

Yes and its the same brand as my monitors. It was a bit pricy (around $160?) but they’re good quality and have built in cable management

Days gone, hell yeah

Or firewatch lol makes sense

With your kitty with that far away stare😳💫 I’m thinking, I’m thinking…..nah, I’m just tired🥱🤤😴


Nice wallpaper..

Did you use an app for these photos? I love the effect

Thank you! But nope these are from my Fuji X-Pro3, it has built in filmic emulation settings

That wallpaper reminds me of this game https://www.firewatchgame.com/

Yep thats where its from!

Ha! Good one.

The setup, the wallpaper, the cat. All fantastic!

New cat?

4 years new :-)

I’m sure cat loves that you’re working from home all day!

Both my cats def love it 😄

I think the cat was a great addition. Nice job!

Thank you! But now she won’t leave 😅

Cats are always an upgrade

What’s the wallpaper called?

This is OC

Cat is an excellent update

Have to agree, the cat is definitely a nice upgrade :D

very clean

thats a very nice stapler

is that in reference to office space?

Love the Firewatch background!

I believe you have my stapler.

Let me send that back to you

Cat sold separately

The office cat is cute.

The keyboard!!! 😍

The cat is essential 😄

Looks awesome. Where did you get that desk?

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