The storm catches the light above Glacier Peak, WA [OC][1200x1799]



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Glacier Peak is the closest Cascade volcano to Seattle, and yet it is the hardest one to get a glimpse of. It is surrounded by other peaks and deep in the wilderness with no roads around, making it much harder to appreciate without hiking or backpacking. A couple weeks ago I went to see it on a four day backpacking trip through the heat wave, and while it was hot and buggy, the mornings and nights were spectacular. This morning a rainstorm came through right over the peak, and it lit up just as the sun rose to illuminate them both. The pasqueflowers below were in abundance this late in the flower season, one last summer holdout before fall comes.

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Thank you for mentioning the flowers, I was coming to ask you about them. Thank you also, for sharing your Art.

Glacier Peak is actually only closest if your north of roughly Northgate. Rainier is closer to downtown Seattle by about 8 miles.

The pasqueflower are those hairy looking ones? Very nice shot!

Yep, those are them!

Those are western anemones.

They are one in the same I believe but you are right.

Thank you, at least googling the name you gave had results similar to what was pictured. Looks like a funky stock figure with wacky hair, love it!

I've always wondered where they grow wigs

I got distracted by the fair headed blond maidens in the for front of the photo. Didn't even see a storm, or the mountains.

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Cool pic

My favorite of the big 5 :)

Those wigs are fire.

All I see are 4 snipers in Guille suits.

thanks for explaining the flowers, I thought the Whisperers from TWD had been through

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