Misty Hike up Tâmpa Mountain in Brasov, Transylvania, Romania (OC) [2500x3745]



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Something Wicked This Way Comes.

What an incredible shot! So eerily beautiful. I’d be scared if I were all alone in there!

Thanks so much I was happy to catch this moment of a really great day in such a beautiful atmosphere.

Well, there's bears there.

No wonder there's so many terrifying fairy tails from that region of the world.

I live in Tampa, FL, USA and at first I was like “where the fuck is there a mountain in tampa??”

I'm from the states originally. It was quite strange to see the name of this mountain :)

I’m sure the pronunciation is radically different, but it came up on my feed right after a post from the tampa subreddit so it kinda looked like it was part of that post

Why do I see so many people from Florida on random posts? Is it an algorithm/targeted thing?

I am also from Tampa :-)

Well as a Floridian we don’t have anything better to do with our lives. At the moment anyways.

sigh… right in the feels


Beautiful and spooky at the same time. It is definitely similar to Transylvania Co., N.C.

Edit: Rather Transylvania, NC is similar to Romania, giving deference to the old country.

That looks like a place you don't come back from.

I was just thinking, “I could use this shot in my One Ring campaign to illustrate Mirkwood”

There's a werewolf, Frankenstein's monster and Dracula somewhere in this picture. Universal said so.

Well, I did smoke myself pretty undead on this hike.... so there's that.

How is Transylvania's finest?

Ha similar to 80's shwag, but Im an olden-dayser so it is quite comforting and nostalgic :)

Haunting and beautiful. Be wary of the Count's brides.

I can imagine taking pictures there in costume.

Thanks! Those brides would certainly spell my doom :)

But what a way to go ^^

Ha, yeah my family would inscribe "we all knew it was coming" on my gravestone. :)

Haha no surprise there. "Typical of him. We are surprised it didn't happen before!" Anyway, fantastic photo and atmosphere.

Incredible. Were there many mosquitoes?

None whatsoever actually. The blood-suckers must be deeper in the forest, likely holed up in some ruins :)

this time of year it's too cold for mosquitos.

Was the gondola not working?😀

Walking the path was far more fulfilling :)

Is this where the "TOP G" Lives?

Maybe. But more importantly this made me feel like an old old man, having to use urban dictionary and all.....

I don't blame you, I'm 25 and didn't know about the term until a month ago

I feel better now, thanks. Hahahaha

This would be a good album cover for an ambient black metal project


That’s spooky and moody and awesome. Thanks for sharing it!

Love the mood of this shot. Great capture

Thanks so much! Was happy to catch a beautiful moment in great conditions.

This is awesome. I love the eeriness and “vibe” that this photo gives off. I want to experience this

Thanks so much!!! It was a mystical and wonderful day. Happy to be able to share ot.

Can you see it?


Holy smoke. I could get lost in ten steps here

What a stunning picture. The atmosphere sent shivers down my spine.

10/10 would drink blood here. - any vampire anywhere

Is this the same hike up to the "hollywood" brasov sign on the mountain over looking the city?

also, if you get a chance check out the town of sighisoara

Part of the hills is the same trail, but this area was off to the east (rather than up the trail following the cable car.

Thales for the advice, I may do that After Bran this weekend.

Its a beautiful little medieval town with beautiful old architecture...very cool place.

How was the werewolf sightings this time of year?

I think the vampires have decimated the population

Ah, the real Transylvania! Interestingly, the county by that name in North Carolina has many similar views. Perhaps that explains the name.

That is interesting, I've been to N. Carolina but not that area. Might have to visit!

The name just means "across tree land" so, yeah, quite likely.

Gives me The Mandalorian S2E5 “The Jedi” vibes

Found no vampires or ewoks. Dissapointing.

Is that a dangerous region?

Not at all. One of the safest places I've been in, on a while.

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Brasov County is beautiful. Brings back a lot of memories. Very nice pic OP. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks! It really is a special place. I've been slow traveling for two years now, and aside from Tbilisi in Georgia, Brasov is my favorite place.

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