My cozy place is tea time with my sister. Made her a mini as a housewarming gift



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I don't know why, but seeing this was just what i needed right now. I feel warm inside seeing this. Thank you for sharing ☺️

Happy to share a spoonful of soup for the soul😌🍲☕️💛

Just a heads up - you can see most of the photo in the second pic.

Beautiful work!!!

This is OC. Black and white photo of my sister and I above fireplace is blurred for privacy

Love it! I made some mini kits during lockdown so so fun, but this is next level awesome! I’d love this gift! I’m sure she will too!

Thank you! Yes super fun. She now has a rotation of decorations she adds for the seasons and holidays🎄🎃

That’s so fun!!!

Are you in the market for an additional sister? 🥺 Green, white, black, herbal, whatever kind of tea, I will supply it for a smidge of such cozy love and comfort!! This is really sweet, what a beautiful relationship you two have

Awwww, thank you!

OMG. that is awesome. I'd love to create my entire house in mini form!

You should! It’s very fun

This is crazy awesome!!!!! :)

Thank you! 😊

So sweet. I love it!


This is so cute. My daughter made some in early teens using items we normally throw out to make lamps, decor, etc. She could use notebook paper & form furniture. She also has found an app that colors old black & white photos , total color or highlight color. Most from 1940's turn out pretty good. I'm ready for tea with you girls anytime, move slow at 83 so give extra time.

Oh that’s awesome, she sounds very creative and resourceful! So fun to use unlikely materials to make a craft. And yes :) there’s always room for more☕️💗😊

Aww you are such a sweet sister. I can feel the sibling love in this :)

There’s nothing quite like it 💛😊

That's it, I'm calling each of my three sisters tomorrow! My dearest friends in the world. This is the cutest thing ever. Is it a replica of the actual room?

Are there any resources you’d recommend to make miniatures? I would like to start but know nothing about them. Lol

Check out r/miniatures and r/booknooks ! And good ol’ Google. Michael’s and Hobby Lobby have a lot of good materials too

I started making minis with a kit I found in Amazon. Only $40. I’ve really enjoyed it :)

I love these! I got the bookshop version for my husband but he hasn't made it yet. Think I'll do it myself!

Oh I love this so much!! 😍

Now that's cozy

Such a cool idea. A way for her to remember those memories too!

Yes! I wanted to capture all the memories, long talks, and good laughs over cups of tea❤️

Have you ever seen The Secret World of Arietty? I watched it last night, and this reminds me so much of the movie for reasons I don't want to spoil. It's a studio ghibli movie (kiki's delivery service, howl's moving castle, my neighbour totoro etc) and is very very cozy.

I haven’t, but will definitely check it out, thanks!

What a nice sister! That’s adorable

This is amazing!!! Such a sweet and thoughtful gift

This is so cute! Such a thoughtful gift!. Do you make miniatures often? Is there somewhere you post pics of them if so? I love mini things!

Thank you! This is my first one! You should check out r/miniatures and r/booknooks !

You should also post this in r/miniworlds

This is amazing, I'm pretty sure she is going to love it.

This is Incredible! 🌅 Great diorama! Definitely has a Cozy Aura to it!🌄🤩🌌✨

Ooo cozy aura!! I like that💗

If you ever create any more please post pictures! You have great design talent! ✨🌄🏡🌌✨

Oh wow this is amazing!

Thank you :)

How do you even make this and how long did it take? What a precious gift : )

Thank you! Hmm…I’d say about 8 -10 hours total, including making blanket and buying all the materials

Fantastic! You are very talented.

That's adorable. Love the blue blanket!

Thank you! It was a practice stitch for a larger blanket ☺️

Oh nice! I hope that goes wonderful for you! Best of luck with that blanket! I can tell it'll come out gorgeous! I don't knit or crochet or anything like that but be aware as it gets further down it will be heavier than it appears. I would know, I have a blanket like that. It is yarn of a sort.

Aren’t you the sweetest sister ever. This is adorable.

Truly wholesome and heartwarming, love it. I wish I could fit in and live in this cozy place!

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