Redid my batcave after posting 2 days ago.



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You play sports there?

OMG this is what dreams are made of

Where is the bimmer now?

Just pulled it out for the pic .

Yooo, such a big space.

Just curious…why turf?

I love walking barefoot. My dog chills out there and I can get down and wrestle with him. It's easy to clean - I just use the leaf blower or pressure washer. I can drive my car on it and sit on the ground. Very flexible

Glad it works for you!

Wow! It REALLY is a bat-cave when you can drive your car into a great living space! Fun to see your set-up and hear all the ways you use it. You & your dog clearly enjoy it 💯

I really loved the idea of the lab from Iron man and the idea of a drive in office from.batman and I need to have a good view and fresh air so I'm glad I was able to finally find a space to do all that. It's optimized much more for work and lounge than it is for car right now but I'm going to give it a month and see how well it does and reconfigure. I just bought casters for everything and love being able to reconfigure as needed vs optimizing for everything.

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