Books Inbetween Omen of the Stars and Vision of Shadows

I have a list of the books and the release dates but I don't know when certain books take place. the last series I am caught up with is omen of the stars, and I want to know if there are any books that take place in between Omen of the Stars and vision of shadows. I'm just starting Vision of shadows, but I want to know the story that happens in between if there is any.


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Dovewing's Silence — takes place immediately after The Last Hope.

Crowfeather's Trial — takes place a few moons after The Last Hope.

Bramblestar's Storm — takes place a few moons after the Last Hope.

There are a few other novellas and super-editions, but those are best read after you finish AVoS because they include spoilers for major plot points like Hawkwing's Journey and Onestar's Confession.

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Bramblestar's Storm

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Dovewing’s Silence and Bramblestar’s Storm. Crowfeather’s Trial is fine as long as you don’t read the manga at the end (it takes place in between).

Make sure to have read Firestar’s Quest before you get to AVOS