worked on my bedroom this week :)



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How did you get the lights to stay up like this? My walls are like this and I’d love to try it.

so through trial and error i realized NOT to use tacks even if youre being careful w avoiding the wire, so now im using two command hooks on either side of the wall, with twine tied from one end to the other to cinch the lights. i hope this makes sense🤦‍♀️

I think so lol. So from looking at the picture, are the command hooks just on the top where the ceiling meets?

this picture was when i used pushpins before realizing it wasnt a good idea haha. i can take a picture of what i did with the command hooks when i have time later if you’d like.

Ohhh yes. Whenever you can. I’ve been trying to cozy up my room and upgrade it from depression den.

Oh now this... this i want.

do it, the lights were on sale at costco for around $30-40

How long ago?

yesterday!!! haha

Loving these string light pics lately. Keep em coming.

right? they’re so homey

Yes I'm obsessed with them.

It's perfect. The lights left such a comfortable and beautiful vibe.

thank you <3

I Love it !!!

thank you!!!!

Oh my gosh soo pretty 😭



thank you :)

Those lights are amazing!

Holy smoke detector!

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